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So I'm Getting Back into FFXIV...

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I'm gonna be creating a new account and getting back into the game soon. I'm not at the point now where I'm willing to share what toons I'm making or even what server I'll be on primarily, but I have had the opportunity to make a fresh start of this for a while now and I'd like to give it a shot.

So on that note, I'd like to know, what are the biggest changes to FFXIV that have taken place that I'm not gonna be used to? I hear of this World Visit feature, which sounds amazing and per-tenant to my interests, but I'm not quite in the know on anything else.

I don't expect a giant list of features, just the basics. Thanks beforehand, I appreciate it.

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3 hours ago, Lunar said:

It might be easier to answer if you specify where around you left the game at? What expansion/patch etc. Else, some of these answers may be longer than necessary.

I left the game, or rather, was forced to leave the game, around the time stormblood was set to release.

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There have been several large changes to the game since 4.0 has released. These are the big ones I can think of without going through patch notes.


General features:
- Like in Heavensward, there are a bunch of new areas accessible once you get to the part of the game.

- Flying is available in all 3.0 and later fields and will be coming to 2.0 ones in patch 5.3

- Swimming is also available in many zones


Battle system features:

- most classes have had major skill/ability pruning and some have been fully reworked

- TP is gone

- healers have 3-4 dps spells

- tank stances are no longer a thing. All tanks get their basic "greatly increases enmity" skill at 15 and it doesn't affect their damage

- for the Shadowbringers (5.0 / SHB) dungeons, you also have the choice of going in with NPCs instead of players "for story" reasons. They are not as good as players and the dungeon drops are reduced, but it's a handy way to queue into something to see their perspectives or to level up. Basically a smarter Grand Company squad.

- of the skills that remained, some will automatically switch out depending on your level. ex: Stone -> Stone 2 -> Stone 3 -> Stone 4 -> Dia


World Visit:

- Introduced mid-SB, this lets you visit another world in your datacenter with some other features disabled

- cannot use local-world Linkshells

- cannot access retainers or FC chest

- cannot gather timed/special nodes

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