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Thiji Higuri

crystal [Balmung] The 3rd Regalia Largesse - June 2nd - June 6th; 7PM EDT

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The Higuri Regalia Largesse.png

Ladies and gentlemen: the time has come once again!  After over a winter’s time of gathering resources, the Higuri Regalia is proud to announce the 3rd “Regalia Largesse”! 

For those unaware or uninitiated: The Regalia Largesse is an annual event that occurs around the late spring/early summer, and is considered the “pinnacle of Noblesse  Oblige”!  During this event, individuals from the Higuri Regalia’s hierarchy will make appearances within the various city-states to offer wares to the adventuring public - for free (Tips and donations are always greatly appreciated, but never mandatory)! 


On Tuesday, June 2nd, at around 7PM EDT, look for a Party Finder ad from any one of the Regalia members; they will provide you information on where they are, and what items will be offered.  Due to the ever-increasing quantity of wares, their post duration has been extended to two hours.

Also, throughout the week, starting at the commencement of the Largesse, those who are willing to partake in a special contest will receive a number.  On the Saturday evening/last day of that week (i.e. the end of the Largesse), a raffle will take place where a series of numbers will be drawn, and those who win will be offered prizes!  The prize list includes the following, and are subject to change:


1st Place Winners: A Nightmare Pegasus Whistle/Dodo Horn!

2nd Place Winners: A Eurekan Petrel Whistle/Eldthrus Horn!

3rd Place Winners: An item from the Mog Station worth ≤$25!  (x3)

4th Place Winner: An apartment room within the Goblet w/ their choice of flooring, ceiling, and wall decor!

Look for these beautiful individuals throughout the week for the item(s) of the day:

Dates: June 2nd - June 6th (Tuesday - Saturday)


Tuesday, June 2: Treasurer Susuna (Ul'dah, Steps of Thal; The Gold Court)
Items: Mounts; Ballroom Etiquette; Modern Aesthetics

Treasurer Susuna.png
Wednesday, June 3: Yuanji Yuji (Kugane; Rakusui Gardens)
Items: Chocobo Barding

Yuanji Yuji.jpg

Thursday, June 4: Umimi Umi (Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks; The Aftcastle)
Items: Rare Minions

Umimi Umi.jpg

Friday, June 5: Sesena Sena (Old Gridania; Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre)
Items: Vanity clothing

Sesena Sena.jpg

Saturday, June 6: Thiji Higuri (The Goblet, Ward 7, Plot 43; Aldenard Branch Headquarters)

Items: Raffle; wares carried over from previous days; weapons made-to-order (GSM/WVR/ALC Specialist)

Royalty in Refinement (2).png
Notes: Sprouts (New Players/Adventurers) will receive parasols and/or Coffers o’ Kupos as a consolation gift.



  • To enter the raffle, simply ask the representative currently posted during that day; a tracker is kept throughout the course of the event, and is shared amongst the Regalia members.
  • You MUST attend the final day of the Largesse in order to qualify for a chance to win.
  • In the event you are unable to attend the raffle for any reason, you are allowed 1 proxy to vouch for you, so long as they state whom they are replacing.
  • If your number happens to be drawn, you are offered a chance to decline a particular prize if you have eyes on another, but a winner will be decided for the sake of fairness.


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Update: The Regalia Largesse arrives next week!

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Update: The Regalia Largesse arrives in two days!

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