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balmung [Balmung] Wandering Knight looking for connections/jobs/friends and more.

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Hello hello everyone, recently did a revamp and a rework of my main FFXIV character and figured I should make a post to get him out there and hopefully craft some new stories and developments!


I am seeking contacts both short-term and long term for my character Grant, whom is a baker whom sells bread at day and a wandering knight by night. More details can be found on his carrd here:



But to summarize some hooks!

-Bakery: He currently runs a  moogle-themed bakery in the Mists (Ward 8 Plot 39) for the purpose of funding his travels. The bakery is open for business and manned by a sole employee so far: a ‘moogle’ butler. The butler would probably appreciate some more employees and coworkers. Those interested are directed to inquire at the ‘Forgotten Moogle’ bakery.

-A Mercenary by another name: Before he had opened the bakery and when bread isn't selling well enough, he lends his skills and services towards mercenary work, only taking contracts that involve hunting troublesome monsters or protection details. Perhaps you or your company could hire him in such a venture? Or perhaps your caravan needs some extra defending? He's your man!

-A knight for the People: Being a self proclaimed knight adhering himself to a creed of 'knighthood', Grant journeys throughout Eorzea and beyond in order to help those whom require his assistance. As of late he patrols around the La Noscea and Black Shroud regions quite frequently so if your character is active in those areas, perhaps they could run into this errant knight?


And some relevant additional details....

-Friends, contacts, and more! And in particular perhaps someone whom could have ties to his past. Currently Grant struggles to remember his full past, only knowing that he was from Ishgard and that he had taken up an oath of knighthood (though it is that of a Dark Knight), perhaps someone whom grew up in Ishgard would be able to recognize him?

-Okay with more lighthearted themes or more mature and darker themes.

-I am A-okay with both short term casual contacts and long term contacts! Though I am currently in the look out for more long term contacts for story development!

-I am in the PST (GMT-7) timezone.

-I also PVE in the game too, so if there's any content you want to run too, do let me know! Looking for in game friends as well! That said, I do endgame raiding as well so please do understand my schedule might be busier during large content updates (particularly when new savage tiers are out.)

-I can do both in-game and discord RP. And relevant to in game, I'm on the Crystal Data Center (Balmung)

-Discord will be shared on request, feel free to send me a message!


And..I think that's about it. Thank you so much for reading and I hope everyone has fun and pleasant RP experiences! Hope to hear from some of you!


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