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<Mateus> Saraana Himaa Xaela Tribe

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Hello and thank you for coming by to look at Saraana, I am looking to expand on her role play a bit more and have someone or someone(s) join in on the role play I have set up with her and her mate on the Mateus Server. This would be a more xaela style tribe information and we do not need to be apart of the same FCs, its simply a slice of life style role play and that we can get together and well..live as if we are on the Steppe as xaela. You can be from any tribe you want! Some information on Saraana she is of the Himaa tribe and has two older brothers that are twins (both played by another player), she had grown up in the Steppe but due to tragic events most of her memories of the Steppe are gone and she's relearning her culture all over again with the help of her mate Arslan who is of another tribe. Currently they are building their home in a area that they had journey to as children and loved how peaceful it felt...


So what I'm looking for

1. People interested in doing a Xaela Role Play tribe!

2. Those who are willing to learn the lore (but we aren't nazi's about it)

3. Are on the Mateus server or data server so we can do IG scenes together.

4. Have access to discord as it would be easy to set up scenes there for times we just can't be IG

5. No drama starters and we can all be adults

6. This would have adult theme content so those who are 21+ or at least be mature about stuff, act like an adult don't start drama we don't need any bleed.

7. Be friendly and fun to be around

8. Contribute come up with ideas or scenes that we can all do together or you would want to do to help grow your own character!

9. We will not be allowing the whole warrior of light (or darkness) into the role play.

10. Have fun!


If you can follow any of that and also just be a good sport in the art of role play then feel free to look at the link below of Saraana's profile and I look forward to talking to you!





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