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huge jackedman

[MATEUS] An Airheaded Temple Knight + A Super Lazy Raen looking for contacts!

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BACK ON MATEUS with my characters and , , , , I was hoping to make some contacts for them!
The first one is a Temple Knight named Gerivien Greystone ---- he's well meaning, but his over-zealousness, ego, and general ineptitude get him into pinches quite frequently.


The second one is Tohru Tanshi, a Raen from Sui-no-Sato who works in an antique shop. He's.......a chronic avoider of hard work, though if something happens to catch his interest, then it captures it in whole. hE loves the fuck out of literature and is something of an aspiring author himself. A former geomancy student/ex-rebel, though he sure hates talking about himself.

As of yet, I am super open to both one-offs, casual RPs, and long term storylines. Also, I'm open to FCs for the both of them--though Gerivien might be tied up some since he still lives in Ishgard.
I'm especially looking for friends and rivals for the both of them. While I am open romance as well, I ought to put a disclaimer that they're both a little difficult to approach in that regard----Tohru, because he's a little shifty with committment. Gerivien, because he's hella repressed.

Anyways, if you're interested then feel free to add/msg me in game or shoot me a message at huge jackedman#5654 !



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