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"Bound by Blood, Hunting in Shadows."

NASTROND <ND-RP> is NOW recruiting! An EU themed 18+ Criminal roleplaying guild that follows the story of a crime syndicate forged by blood and dark intentions, a group of covert criminals, researchers and operatives that seek to twist the hand of fate in their favour in order to profit off opportunity and rise to prominence in the criminal underworld. 


 What is Nastrond? 

 With a name that originates in Norse mythology, Nástrǫnd (Corpse Shore) is a place in Hel where Níðhöggr lives and chews on corpses. It is the afterlife for those guilty of murder, adultery, and oath-breaking (which the Norsemen considered the worst possible crimes). The Mythos behind the title is where the origins of our free company was found, a band of unlikely allies among those that deal in crime, villainy and other less than heroic attributes that were cast out from the world. Those that seek to profit from their abilities instead of hide from them and rise to glory not only in the ranks of Nastrond, but in the criminal underworld and the realm at large as well in a way befitting to your character. Nastrond does not require just words and actions, for upon proving yourself true loyalty is tested in a bond of blood that is shared between all members, we have ceremonies seperating the trials from the initiated and these too from the bloodbound to truly make every step of development you take with us unique and memorable. From the simple prick of a finger to the initiated, to the blood ritual and marking that signifies the bloodbound you will find opportunity in everywhere you step, as well as helping with character development and connections we also allow our members to guest DM events and roll their own storylines through us also!


What rules do the Nastrond employ?

 The ranks of Nastrond keep confidentiality and subtlety first and foremost when it comes to their operations, only showing themselves when they need to be seen. They try to keep away from harming innocents yet are also aware that sometimes sacrifices need to be made for victory and can be ruthless and cold when they need to be also. Any act of betrayal within the ranks will be met with swift punishment, the blood bond itself has its own ways of meting out a sense of justice among those that work within it, enforced by the nefarious Crimelord 'Dreadwyrm' that sits atop its ranks and his 'Crimson Eyes' that watch over the management of the organisation. Out of character however, we aren't as scary as we may seem in character! We try to keep a nice and friendly player core that helps and assists its players with roleplay and content alike. Keeping an active discord we like to have a close and easy to enter community that people can enjoy and prosper in. We like to pride ourselves on being drama free and creative when it comes to our writing, but we do not allow lore breaking either, so keep your concepts reasonable.


How does Nastrond run its events?

  We like to stick to 3 events a week, which can include one shot jobs, the longer stories that can interconnect between major guild milestones and thrilling character development opportunities, and even a content night where we can push players through older content or map runs. We have something for everyone! And are always open for feedback. PLEASE be aware that Nastrond is a criminal organisation however, so do not expect every event to be a victory, and consequences have a fine habit of coming back on the organisation now and again... (Nastrond is a criminal organisation, so please accept that our IC actions in the world will come back in the form of IC consequences as far as character interactions and interactions go at times)


 Im in! How can I join? 

Feel free to message myself on discord or in game on Aldric Sayrillont if you have any questions or inquiries, we have advertisements on discord, RPC, tumblr and in game on party finder and shout chats. As well as accepting applications to our guild, there are lots of ways of entry to exploit, even simply finding us in the world and interacting works! We also accept external members in the cross world link shell to work alongside the companies activities. 


We hope to see you around as friend or foe! If you want to join, work with us or simply act as a rival to one of our plotlines due to the companies criminal nature, please let us know! Contact Aldric Sayrillont in game (Aldric#7268 on discord.) or Mairon Bauglir in game (Feynren#6959) for more information.

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