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[PRIMAL] [Hyperion] The Lunar Cafe is opening Tuesday 9pm-11pm EST & Friday 10pm-12am EST! [Mists: Ward 18, Plot 60]

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Greetings Hydaelyn Roleplayers! I'm Silk and I've actually never posted here despite being a lurker so go easy on me. n___n;


Like most of you I'm a huge fan of this game and my Free Company (The Lunar Crew) and I have decided to open our downstairs cafe to the public! I plan to host a PF to advertise in game but I thought it would be nice to invite the FFXIV RP community to stop by during our opening hours, which will be:

Tuesdays, 9pm-11pm EST
Fridays, 10pm-12am EST


We'll have live entertainers (music, dancers), table and booth seating, and a bar to sit at as well. Our staff will be distinguished by the "Meld" tag so there's no confusion in case people come in using the RP tag. I hope to offer a pleasurable, relaxing, and fun experience for anyone who stops by - whether you're new to RP Cafes in game or a veteran, please - I invite you to join us tomorrow night!


Our menu can be found on our Cafe website here: https://thelunarcafe.carrd.co/


If you have any questions or feedback please let me know! Thank you!


2020-06-05 12-50-58EG11 - 05 - Pastel Cool.png

2020-06-05 12-51-51EG11 - 05 - Pastel Cool.png

2020-06-05 12-53-47EG11 - 05 - Pastel Cool.png


2020-06-05 12-52-49EG11 - 05 - Pastel Cool.png

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Updated photos and location.
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