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[Lamia] Seeking RP

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Hello everyone, How are you all doing? I'm a returning player of FFXIV and wanted to come back into the RP scene.  Forgive me for I'm still relatively new to RP so I can't paragraphs or world detailed pieces but I will give it my all. I treat every RP encounter as a learning experience so if you're looking for a experienced RP'er I apologize but "Me'z a Noob'z" Enough about me :) Here's my character, Sebastian Qerel; A dark knight Xaela who is serving as a mercenary roaming the lands of Ezorea.  Handle with both greatsword and spear he travels from city to city to whomever requests his talents but won't enter unless absolutely necessary to avoid drawing attention.  He'll serve as a solider for your war/conflict, escort, or bodyguard and will not question whether if you're the good or bad guy.  If you wish to know more I'll a link to his wiki (Sorry that its not a carrd, i dont know how to make one of those. :)) If you contact me you can DM me here or on my discord  Chan-Chan#7527 (Note; For story driven RP, I prefer to take up a small role due to my lack of RP experience :))


RP Hooks

He's a mercenary, so he'll do any job for the right amount of gil.

He's wanted the in the Coerthas Provinces, for all you bounty hunters out there.

Romance?? It needs to happen naturally but not appose to it.

Looking for a villain? Happy to play that role, not afraid of taking injuries (tell me any ideas ok :) )

Fellow member of his tribe, totally up for it.

Story-driven RPs, would seb fit your story, 


wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Sebastian_Qerel

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