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Veteran RPer New to Final Fantasy RP

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Hey all, 

I'm a Veteran Roleplayer, been at it for about 15 years. I'm a storyteller love using the game's lore and weaving a story around my character.

I love to tell stories; in past games I held storytelling events where someone would spend a set amount of time telling a story it could be from their character(I.e traveling story) or some about the environment (I.E. Rumors, myths, or legends). It was real fun and sparked a lot of creativity. I've been looking for a game to root myself and I've always loved the Final Fantasy series, so I figure this would be a great place to find some kindred spirits.

Character introductions: 

Born Name: Khasar Arashi Hikari (Not known unless Kelsar tell's someone) 

Given Name: Kelsar Stormblessed (Aka Kel) Yes haha I'm a Brandon Sanderson fan 


Rumors of the Hero of the Storm: 

Not much is known of the traveler, known as Kel what is known is told by sailors from mouth to mouth. 

There once was a storm of proportions of which was only told by wizened-ole sea dogs during a late night and ale. 

The story goes that during this storm a small ship carrying wanderers and refugees has hit a wave just right to be wrong. 

The small vessel sundered and cast aside before the storm's fury and the sea's power. All had been thought lost until a man in rags climbed upon the wreckage and shouted.

"Grant these people passage! Let not a life be lost, I stand in the light and your fury has no purchase here. Show mercy and I shall find what troubles you so!" 

With these words the strange man glowed faintly and it seemed the storm calmed... ever so slightly. At this sight the man dived. Not to be seen again. We thought him be a fool.

Breathes passed and we thought all hope lost. Then the storm, as quickly as it came vanished with no great theatrical flurry but as though eased of pain. 

And so the story goes of the Au Ra Stormblessed.


Sorry I kinda got carried away. Anyways I'm on Famfrit, I love walk up RPs just kinda send me a PM to make sure I'm not questing. I love to see you all in game! 

P.S. Lookin for a solid RP FC ^_^

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Thanks ya'll for the warm welcome. I have a few idea boilin' away in the ole brain! Hope to see ya'll around. 

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