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balmung {Crystal DC} LF Crime/Drug/Underworld Boss Interested in Owning a Kitsune

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Male Kitsune
Breedable Omega

Male x Male
4ft 8in tall, soft dancer's physique
Amnesia with deep plot to reveal
20 years old
Thinks they are a miqo'te 

Open to anything and everything.
Multi-ship/verse unless chemistry is amazing and an OOC conversation happens to solo-ship. 
Looking for ONE owner, clients to serve, friends with benefits, friends in general,

Can work as escort, dancer, model and more!~
Would love to join an FC but not a requirement.


I mostly rp in discord due to in game chat limitations. This doesn't mean I won't rp in game just that I tend to save in game interactions for group rp, events, screenshot meet ups or special solo rp meetings where chat log overload is not an issue. It also allows for writers to post at their leisure and to keep logs of rp separate for OOC chatter and screenshot spammings that may occur. I do require a multi-para ability as far as posts go, I am not able to lessen my own writing to suit a few words or a few lines per post. Apologies, it just is not enjoyable for me. I tend to write 4-5 lines MINIMUM and ask that anyone interested be able to do the same. I am not overly picky about spelling or grammar and am more than happy to break up long walls of text so those of various languages have an easier time translating if need be! I enjoy plot over erp however this OC is also meant to be erp driven so I am not opposed to this being central to the RP, just ask that there be an underlying plot and that other things be done in the rp than just straight erp every post. I don't have a carrd yet but am happy to give most details in DMs so please feel free to ask allll the questions!

My discord is Evil_Vixxen#0693 please contact me there and provide the following;

What role or interest you have in my Kitsune

Some basic info on your character including screenshots and any basic information


I hope to talk with those interested real soon!





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