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Obsessive RPer returning

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Greetings there


So I have returned to FF14 after a bit of a hiatus but lost all my contacts! I've rped on almost all the MMOs imaginable and just coming back from Conan Exiles and ESO more recently. But I missed FF14 too much, damn it.


I'm trying to find the official roleplay Discord for us again but coming up empty handed. Not quite sure where to look... 

Either way, thanks for giving this a read. 

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Hey there and welcome back!


I'm not sure what you mean by official roleplay discord as there are no single official RPC-sanctioned groups.


If you mean some of the bigger community run discords, these may be to your liking:


Crystal Datacenter RP - https://discord.gg/UryRMjz

Balmung Roleplay Network - https://discord.gg/bnBSTeU

Mateus RP Hub - https://discord.gg/mateusrphub
FFXIV Chaos Roleplayers Coalition - https://discord.gg/94tTub6

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