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[Balmung] closed, thank you!

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Hello! I just fell out of an RP and I want something new now lol

Mostly looking for romance. 


IC info

Ryn is a botanist by trade, but he wants to fend for himself now that his more battle-oriented little brother figure is injured.

He is currently located in the city of Ul'Dah to train up on battlecraft.


Hates to lose, doesn't want to become a burden. He has sibling rivalry issues becuase he was always the weaker one in battle.

Otherwise, he is mostly friendly and good-natured. He always goes out of his way to help others, especially if they are hungry and weak.



You owe him a favor

Ryn can never turn a blind eye to someone who is hungry and weak, or injured. Perhaps he could help your character in times of need?


Please teach me!

Unlike his brother, Ryn does not have a mentor figure to help him hone his battlecraft. Maybe you could help? I feel like a strict one who is hard to impress would work best.


Hired hand

Although Ryn isn't that great at battlecraft, he is a great farmer and gatherer. He often takes up manual labor to earn a living. He could also take some battlecraft jobs that aren't too hard, such as chasing away violent dodos and making sure those pesky squirrels are at bay.



Ryn is mostly friendly and good natured! He could easily make friends if you have something in common. 



If you have any other suggestions, let me know! I'm open to tweaking my character to fit a certain plot.


OOC info

-I keep IC and OOC strictly separate. 

-I am 25 years old. Please do be over 20, I feel like we might be better friends that way.

-ERP is fine, but I tend to focus on their relationship more than the act itself.

-Please be available for out of game RP! My timezone is GMT+9 so it is sometimes hard to catch me online. Furthermore I'm... very new and very shy when it comes to in game rp lol

-It'd be swell if we could become in-game friends as well.....

-Please DM me on discord! butter#8455




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