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Zaine Burwani
MxM preferred (be it sex or identifying gender)
Age is yet to be determined (oldest would be around 25 though)

6ft tall, slender but toned physique

Smaller jaguar-esque ears and slender sleek tail

Elemental Type Summoner

Crafter type Jack of All trades

Kind of Feral at Times


Zaine is a sort of soft spoken, nose in a book or head in the clouds kind of guy. He's not overly shy, just isn't so great at approaching others to spark conversations. He enjoys the peace and quiet and being alone but doesn't mind other's company or being in crowded or noisy places....he just tends to not find himself there too often. More so, he is found out in the wilds. he could be gathering herbs, studying flora and fauna alike, hunting or simply surveying the lands and learning about the secrets of the soil, listening to the elements and doing what he can to aid every climate he finds himself in.

He is on a bit of a quest to gain favor with a variety of spirits, they type that guard the forests, rivers, mountains and sea. Not the primals, but rather ancient more natural entities that help to keep the balance of their designated territory. In gaining their favor he gains further summoning abilities and entities to call upon should he need their aid. Though this doesn't always mean for fighting, sometimes it is helping a failing farm by enriching the soil, purging a sickened river of its toxins, helping a burnt forest re-bloom into new life. While he has his summons that do aid in combat, healing and other adventuring needs, most are there to help restore balance to the lands and help people and the elements live in harmony with one another.


He also has quite the skill with many trades, weaving, smithing, leather working, and cooking and the ability to gather and hunt for the materials he needs to do these crafts. Currently he travels to and from a variety of settlements within Gyr Abania, helping to rebuild and also looking for a place there to call home. he comes from a house with two fathers and a duskwight elder sister, one of his fathers being from both Doma and Gyr Abania, he has chosen to learn more about the latter heritage in full and connect that home to the home in Ul'dah where his family resides and operates a place of business.


Hello there! 
I'm Vixx! 28 year old female with a love for writing and connecting to people through writing! 
With this character I have a bit laid out as far as his interests, past and present but not so much as to what he might get up to in the future, aside from his main goal for his summoning magics. I'm open to any and all relations though I do have a hope fo finding him a traveling companion that could build to a lover over time. I am a slow-burn, long term, multi-para typ Rper. I don't like to rush into things, I don't like to make too many big plans ahead of time. I'm open to people claiming Zaine for romance, but I make no solid promises until we've had a chance to fully talk OOC and RP together for a bit just to make sure our  styles mesh together well. 

I'm big on communication as well. if you don't like something, are unsure of something or just want to brainstorm some ideas ya gotta speak up! I'm not a mind reader and even if I was it'd be mighty hard to read your mind over text! Another thing to keep in mind is that I am multi-para, meaning I don't type less than 4-5 sentences on my smallest posts and I really struggle to write well with others who write less. If you are a one or two sentence per post or less than that type of RPer, I'm most likely not gonna be able to write with you. Not trying to be mean, it's just making sure I'm being crystal clear on expectations. I'm not expecting amazing grammar, spelling or anything like that just some depth and legth to the post. 

Lastly would be plot over everything else. Yes I erp, no I do not erp right away especially not on this OC. Building relationships, exploring character dynamics, and writing a story are of more importance to me. Romance, erp and other such themes need to happen naturally and make sense to what is currently happening. Now should romance build up, and erp come to the table...I'm SUPER open minded. I have a fe firm NO things though; no scat/piss play, no serious injuries unless OOC agreed upon (i.e dismemberment), and no rape/kidnapping/etc unless OOC agreed upon.


Beyond this please poke me with any ideas you have and lets see what we can come up with! PM here or DM on discord -> Evil_Vixxen#0693 (if I don't show up, just PM me here and give me your discord and I'll add you. Sometimes Discord hides me e-e)
(also he is boosted to lvl 70 and is starting ShB content)image.png



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