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A young enterprising Xaela, upon being cast out into the world after a traumatic life, is looking to build a tribe of their own. They amass adventurers from across the realm into their makeshift tribe, regardless of their race, and does their best to act as a leader and a friend to them.



As a budding new RP FC that has changed its premise, Ulaan Sar has not yet had any events. However, we do plan on having weekly events that you can join in at your own leisure. Best of all, as a member, you get a say - yes, you get a say in what happens event-wise.


Benefits of the Free Company


Ulaan Sar is a Rank 11 Free Company with a small plot house in the Lavender Beds (Ward 6, Plot 20). The house has chocobo stables and a workshop with an operational airship. We also have a Discord in which we post helpful information, set up events, and chatter. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and are a safe space for people old and new. We believe in welcoming people of various roleplay experience levels within our ranks, and we are willing to help those that wish to improve their skills. We will also help gameplay-wise: whether you want to run high-end content or run a lowbie dungeon, we will help.


How to Apply


You can send me a message here, or reply to this thread, or /tell Rex Raedwulf@Brynhildr (my main) in game if I'm online.

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Massive edit to the FC's premise
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