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Roleplayers on Omega??

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As I've written in the title, I'm looking for someone to RP with on Omega (Guild or just players it matters not).

I consider myself a Hard Roleplayer; I've been roleplaying since years, almost 8/9, even if I had decided to take a break not long ago. Just saying, I've never roleplayed in-game before, I did it through Facebook and Tumblr only (YES! These sites were full of Rpers once..).

Anyway I won't bother you guys too much, I'll just leave here some infos about  my character. If you are interested don't hesitate to contact me! :)


Name: Aedan Caelum

Age: 20

Server: Omega

Class: Lancer

Affiliation: Wood Wailer

Linkshell: I currently don't have one :/



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