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Shadowed Knights (Monthly Community Black Market Event)

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*A letter in a black envelope would appear in many places of ill repute around the realm with a crimson sigil stamped on its back. A summons for the black marketeers and the crimelords of Eorzea, Othard and beyond to gather for a night that would bring profit and connections in a designated safe area deep within the North.*


The Dreadwyrm and The Scarlet Hare cordially invite you to partake in an evening of celebration offered to those who walk and thrive in the shadows. The prominence of your dealings has earned notoriety in the many forms and functions we all rely upon, as such it is for this that we extend a humble invitation to you and yours that you might partake in the many opportunities we provide.


Take part in black market deals or trade? We have a trading corner available with stores that you can sell your wares out in the open without any worry of being caught. Want to find connections for your work or company, or bring more into the fold? We have plenty of large names coming to this venue looking for new allies and employees so if you fancy to throw in your lot with the realms biggest names in the underworld this is the place to see.


We have catering sorted as well as a bloody line of entertainment as you partake and socialise, including a brawling arena to settle any disputes…or put down any targets. We also have an auction to any who would want to sell off their services to the highest bidder! Their lives shall be yours for the evening.


Come down to the Falcons nest on the 21st day of the fourth Umbral Moon and prepare to connect, profit and walk in safety, for we shall ensure that anyone on the premises is well protected whilst dealing in the Nest. Outside? That is anyone's game.


We look forward to seeing you there.

The Dreadwyrm & The Scarlet Hare




The Shadowed Knights is a roleplay project aimed to bring together the criminally inclined and morally ambiguous roleplaying community for a monthly evening that can serve to develop characters, gain connections and entertainment as well as offer recruitment opportunities for free companies. We aim for this to be an event that everyone can enjoy and wish to employ black market vendors, catering companies and security to help staff the event and help the occasion feel alive. See below for the map on where each activity can be found!


(A) The Entrance: This is where you arrive at the venue, staff will be positioned to help you into the venue as well as assist with any queries on where to go for activities.

(B) The Eatery: Inside here will be where hire caterers will be providing food and drink for the event, making sure that everyone is served. If you wish to cater for this event make sure to join the discord for more information.

(C) The Traders Corner: This is where vendors shall peddle their black market goods, anywhere within the allotted zone here is fine to set up a stall and advertise your wares. If you wish to sell at the event please join our discord for more information.

(D) Auction House: This is where the service auction will happen! A callout will be provided before the time so prospective buyers and people to be auctioned can get into position to be sold. If you wish to be auctioned off at this event please get in touch with a host before the day.

(3) Brawling Arena: The Brawling Arena is in the main courtyard and is designated as the section between the red stone just before the steps. Once a brawl is happening there will be plenty of areas to watch the fights from! Fight an opponent for glory or to take down a target. Fights will utilise the grindstone system.


If you wish to come down and enjoy the many festivities we have available? We begin on Friday 21st August at 9pm BST/4pm EST and shall be hosting this monthly from there. If you wish to contact us regarding any enquiries about the event or how to be a part of it whether recruiting, staffing contact eithert (Aldric#7268) or Xera Oni (Totallyevil1#2543) Alternatively if you wish to join our discord to get started feel free to join HERE for event updates and development opportunities for your character, company and the event itself with the community.

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