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[Goblin] The Raven: Eorzea's After-Hours Social Club

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I'm pleased to announce the launch of The Raven, welcoming of roleplayers from all across Crystal.


The Raven is Eorzea's premier after-hours social club, open every Friday from Midnight - 6 AM EST (thru Saturday morning). 


Our goal is to provide a nocturnal haven for adventurers, whether to make new friends, unwind from a long week, or enjoy an expertly-crafted cocktail in our low-lit subterranean lounge.


We invite you to join us for our opening night this Friday, July 24. More information can be found at https://theraven.crd.co


The Raven

Every Friday from Midnight - 6 AM EST (thru Saturday morning)

[Goblin] Mist W14 P58

LGBTQ+ & RP Friendly

18+ venue


Join our Discord








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16 hours ago, Aultena Sephimiri said:

I'm excited to see a late-night/overnight venue!  I'll be sure to stop by, being a night owl and all.  :D


So glad to hear it ^^


Feel free to join our Discord as well! https://discord.gg/J7kvgN2

Adrien Esper

Proprietor, The Raven


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