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Vyenpaka Kapaka

[Balmung/Cactuar/Flex] Looking for FC/Roleplay Group

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TL;DR -- Vyen wants to do the in-character version of the following:

Short-term goal: Discover new classes, find out he hates most of them.

Long-term goal: find whatever Eorzea's version of a "FFXI-style Sub Job" is.

Totally ridiculous not-gonna-happen goal: Fuse two soul gems together without blowing himself up, watch everyone become Level 80 VYN.



Likes: Cute, fuzzy animals. Food, especially sushi. Bad puns. Solid ground. Completely weak to sad or doe-eyed ladies and sad or doe-eyed animals.

Dislikes: Knockback abilities, Flying (nobody told him what a black chocobo was before he hopped on...), heavy lifting, humidity, working with his hands (but mainly due to lack of know-how; cleaning his machinist weapons is cathartic).


Looking for either:

A) An adventuring guild in need of a Lalafell who does a few things OK (like take hits/"Gunblade"/Dance) but none of them extremely well, who would take him on despite a lack of confidence.

B) A research team in need of combat support, provided he's allowed to overhear and maybe learn some of things you do along the way, as well. He's not all that book smart, but he'll try to keep up and learn, and might not say no to "assigned reading" between outings.



I've started playing the game again and really enjoy it, and would like to find a FC to join that might have a hook or two for what I'd like my character's story to be.  I'm using the same (well, similar) style and name across servers, and I don't have the time for multiple character development, so I'm willing to play on either Crystal or Aether.


I don't know how much of his actual backstory as an early adventurer is relevant at this point, and certainly not for a 'making connections' post. But I do want to give enough of the story to find a group he can latch on with. Most of Vyen's struggles are with self-confidence -- everyone else is so good at what they do, and Vyen doesn't think he'll ever be that good at what he does. Therefore, he's willing to take hits so you don't have to -- he's far more expendable.  He really enjoys Kriegstanz, and I'd like him to be good at it, but he feels like he might be better at something else. He's going to be on a bit of a journey of "classes," however you'd like to word that in character. He'll always be looking for a new way to do things and the next chance to try them out. But he has a big, naive heart, a weakness for doe eyes, and will venture out more for camaraderie and doing the right thing than a paycheck. Who better to bring along on an adventure than someone who doesn't want a huge cut of the reward, and wouldn't notice he didn't get it?


Part of this arc also stems from OOC reasons that I'd like to turn into IC content, so I'd like to make sure I find a group open to playing inside the lore the way that I want to. I loved Dancer in FFXI and I love Dancer in FFXIV...but it's not the same. I know it can't be! And I do love both! I just wish it played more like Red mage. It's a lot of fun to hold a controller and play Red Mage. It feels like a dance, with agile melee combat and a way to portray it as a self-defense style with the swordplay, which was my RP hook with FFXI Dancer. Vyen taught Kreigstanz as a martial art and for self-defense, and Chakrams just...don't quite hit that note, being a ranged DPS class. So, heck yeah! Red Mage, right?


The problem is I have a real-life, decade-plus long grudge against Red Mages. I can't...I can't do it. I can't play it. I don't want to be a Red Mage. In-character, Vyen's OK with Red Mages. Out of character, red mages just irk me to no end. I got half a quest into the Red Mage story and wanted to spit nails...


So I'd like Vyen to work on combining those two combat styles, in more practical ways at first but then later by experimenting with new weapon designs, materia options, new ways to use magic/aether with his chakrams, and maybe trying new things with Soul Gems, though that's definitely Way Down The Line and not necessarily attainable. Right now, he would join an adventuring group in need of someone who can take a few hits (as a Gunbreaker nowadays) or an agile Kreigstanz fighter in their group, who will let him stick around even as he tries every combat style in the realm. He's risk-averse and adventures more for the camaraderie than anything else, so he's not in it for the riches -- which might make him a good mark for particularly greedy, gil-hoarding companies. But given where I'd like him to end up eventually, this would also be an opportune moment for him to find a spot with a more research-oriented company, as well. He might not understand what you're researching now, but it's going to be something he'll be interested in relatively soon in his character arc. He would certainly listen to any of your research and findings with open ears; he just might almost blow up the lab once or twice in the years to come, when he wants to start his own experiments...



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