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Looking for long term rp :3 for some of my characters!

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Hey everyone \o/ I’m going to put some feelers out there for anyone looking to rp with and just have some fun! I have a couple different ideas I would love to try out if anyone is interested or knows a group that is looking for some new bodies that being an FC / cross world welcoming FC via rp events/ link shell / discord / just a cwls/ or just a discord group. 

im open to switching across servers obviously lol. 

anyway! Here’s some of the things I’d like to try out first up I have Aurelia Feyrbrand! Which her carrd is aureliafeyrbrand@carrd.co 


I’d love to join maybe a school rp for her or maybe a research facility type of rp since she craves knowledge and is a passionate learner. I’d love to keep her lore the way I designed it however if it doesn’t pan out I can work with it and adjust. I’d also like to toss her into a traveling band of adventurers as another idea so she could see the world and perhaps gain knowledge and understanding that way as well! 

the other characters I have are Lucian Feyrbrand lucianfeyrbrand@carrd.co I’d love to perhaps join an adventure ish group with him or perhaps a guard like group. His whole design and main focus is a tinkerer and a gadgetier making work of robotics and being an intellectual of sorts. Again I’m willing to work things out for him :) 


I also have two other options xD if those two don’t work out but right now their the ones I kinda want to put out there right now :) and used solely for rp. I do have a main I rp with and do content on but I’m not feeling her for rp right now :) 

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