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[Balmung] RPer returning to activity seeking WAR (And to expand RP circle)

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While the title sums it up rather well I think, it would probably help to go into a little more detail.  Have an IC summary first:



Tali Meredvai, Vieraxtraoridinaire has, as she might explain to folks, a bit of an occasional temper problem when situations explode and things become heated.  99% of the time she's a fine, upstanding member of a society she's still wrapping her head around during her excursions into Limsa Lominsa.  Having been very kindly taken into the employ of Metaphysick along with a fellow Vieraxile, she's encountered people who are familiar with this condition, witnessed after a lapse in self-control.


Following on from a conversation after this lapse of which she has no memory, she's now aware of the concept of an inner beast, and a group who now exist in a somewhat large concentration in the nearby city of Limsa Limsa, calling themselves Warriors.  Given that no-one else she has met has been able to help with this little occasional temper trouble, she's identified these Warriors as being her best chance of making sense of what she can possibly do, and help her solidify a place in Eorzea.


Which leads nicely on to the OOC situation.


After an extended period of (relative) IC inactivity, I've been gradually getting back into the swing of things again, and have been, on and off, over the past few months, keeping an eye out for someone who might be able to take Tali under their axe*-swinging wing.  No joy.  Some kind folk have offered up alts to lend an occasional hand if nothing else cropped up, but I've bene loathe to do this due to a desire to introduce/interject Tali into more situations than might normally crop up by staying with my comfort zone of the FC.  And fail to crop up any opportunity did.  Which aided in the slip into RP inactivity.  And so the tale of Tali, potential extWARdinaire nearly came to an end.

(And then I remembered again that the RPC is a thing.  I should, I admit, have posted this here sooner, given how regularly I used to update FC threads here, but... actually, I got nothin'.  My bad.)

But FFXIV is a beautiful thing, and  I can't quit it no matter how long passes, and so this call is going out.  I'm a UK-based RPer active primarily on weekday evenings and weekends, and I need YOU**.


In return, I can offer some average-quality RP from someone who used to be very active and wants to be so again, some truly awful puns, dad-worthy jokes, and hopefully a character that grows on you ICly and could someday be considered a friend.

(Mostly puns though.  I make no apologies.)

Happy to discuss hooks or means of making contact.  As it stands, she's been making enquiries about Limsa every so often.


* It doesn't have to be an axe they swing.

** So long as you RP a Warrior.  Or know someone who does and would be willing to aid in the social side of things and make an introduction. To be honest, even if you don't meet either of those requirements, say hi anyway!  Always good to meet new people.

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Hi Tali, been in a similar situation and I agree that 14 is hard to stay away from!  If you are okay with it, would love to touch base with you regarding setting up some rp in the future, as myself and my small cadre of friends are in similar boats of trying to restablish friendships and rp connections.  You can reach me at RyuDraconis#4007 on discord, or Kianna Vantes in game.  Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you in game!

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