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Multiple mounts and baggage trains?

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I considered posting this in the character development or RP discussion sub forums, but this is neither about developing a character nor a specific RP situation, so I feel it’s better placed here.


How do role players approach the issue of multiple mounts and baggage trains?


Across most cultures with riding animals in the pre-modern era, people geared for war typically brought two or three horses when traveling away from their towns; this was both to take a load off the horses and avoid fatigue as well as backup in case a horse got sick and died. In addition, warriors in many cultures traveled with an entourage - assistants, apprentices, servants, spouses, and so forth - who also needed horses and supplies to be carried. In the context of Eorzea, do we have any information on similar practices? The mount lore thread is mainly about common mounts, and the question I have here is more specific.


I’m interested in seeing what more seasoned players have to say about this. Would it be reasonable to assume that an adventurer might travel with two or three chocobos rather than the single companion/mount allowed in the game mechanics?

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Would likely depend on their aether reserves, honestly. Some RP as having the bare minimum, and so they're unable to functionally use the Aetheryte System past cities. They'll often hoof it, sail the seas, book an airship, or rely on friends with vaster pools of energy to help speed things along. So for them? It may be far more likely they're running a caravan-style setup for whenever they're on prolonged adventures.


But for a lot of veteran adventurers? Using the Aetherytes tends to mitigate the actual need for that. Why prep three different chocobos when you can just hop over, do the deed, and pop back to the city for a cold drink in the span of a day? Granted! They may still opt for a caravan if they're going into uncharted territory/on a lengthy quest/off to gather materials. There's a lot of leeway for how someone wishes to approach this, with a bit of circumstance coloring the details.





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