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Hey there!


So I'm semi-new to FF 14, only Level 35 in my main class. Since I heard that roleplaying was a thing here it got me interested! 

I have roleplayed before, just never done in a MMO. So I do have questions like, where do I go? How do I start? Things like that.

I do consider myself though pretty good at roleplay in general, and I'd love to one day create a deep and story driven roleplay with someone else one day


A little more about me is that I'm currently a freshman at my local community college. I plan to eventaully study in Computer Science and find a career with that. 

When I'm not playing FF 14 I'm either studying or working on my hobbies, such as writing and art!

Oh and I haven't given my name out yet huh? Online I usually go by Echo! My IGN is Ruth Aurora


I think that's everything! I hope I get to meet some interesting people!

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Welcome to the RPC website, @I_Am_Echo !


RPing in an MMO will start to feel familiar if you've been RPing in chat programs or on message boards. Some basic chat commands often used are /say  for when you want to post the dialog of your character, and /emote when you want to post any actions they're taking. With /emote you can mix in some dialog as well. For example, let's say we're posting for a character named Little Scion: 


/emote walks into the room and says "Where did I put our Garlean coffee maker?" as she taps her chin thoughtfully. 


In the chat window that post would turn out like this: 


Little Scion walks into the room and says "Where did I put our Garlean coffee maker?" as she taps her chin thoughtfully. 


Many find heading to popular RP locations and observing the RP as it happens to be a good starting point. Each of the starting capitals have a major hive of RP and social activity. In Ul'dah it's The Quicksand, in Limsa Lominsa it's The Drowning Wench and in New Gridania it's Carline Canopy.


The FFXIV community is pretty friendly so if you're RPing with someone and have questions you could ask them in a tell or in chat. To send a tell to the person you're RPing with you can right click their name and the option will appear in a drop menu. You could also post OOCly in chat using brackets. For example:


(( Sorry my post took a while, the cat is trying to use my keyboard ^ ^ ))


I hope some of this helps. 😊




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