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[Mateus/Crystal] Seeking LT/M RP.

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Greetings. Once again, I seek those who wish to engage in dubious activities and dabble in oddity. Typically a late evening EST player if it comes to in game, though discord enables a more open schedule. A brief description and carrd link below, with discord info listed in the carrd page.


-- Saran is a bizarre character, bordering the lines of madness at times. Due to events in her past, her entire world and sense of self shattered, resulting in a peculiar woman with influence over and from otherworldly forces. Something sinister had found its way inside of her, augmenting her natural magical affinity in a way that some may find vile. Yet, she is not openly hostile. One could not help but think she is hiding much and more. Her intimacy with the darker side of aether and its manipulation may prove to be invaluable to some. She is constantly seeking sources of entertainment, whether it be arcane in nature or interacting with some few select individuals.


Perhaps a powerful rival may emerge for the two to quarrel and beat each other senseless. It would certainly help stave off the dreadful boredeom.




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