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How common are RP FC's outside of Mateus/Balmung?

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Hey folks. I'm looking to get back into the shenanigans, but for a few different reasons I'm not able to join up on Mateus. I know there's a lot of people who pop cross-server to lurk in Balmung, but are there ever active RP FC's outside of Mateus these days?
I know discord/linkshells are popular, but from what I recall the actual FC system was used very prominently in most RP groups and I worry that being outside of Mateus will sorta... Narrow my options significantly.

Thanks for your time! ♥

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I can't say for others, but in my experience I have seen a few RP FCs on other servers outside of Balmung and Mateus, such as in Brynhildr, Coeurl, and even Goblin. That being said, the amount of RP FCs on servers such as these is- and again, in my own experience, not nearly as much as on the big RP servers. Taking this into consideration, RP FCs and people are definitely there, but you'd have to really go looking for them. 

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There are several great FCs located on the various servers. Off the top of my head I recall seeing a B&B on Marlboro and there's several on Coeurl.  I see posts on the various Crystal discords weekly.   In case you don't have those resources, here's few of them. 


Crystal RP - FFXIV  https://discord.gg/VEKUAbj


Crystal RP Resources - https://discord.gg/nFAxTfd


There's even a spreadsheet of FCs that's been started!   https://tinyurl.com/FFXIVRP


But if you decide you want to try to get on Mateus or even Balmung, try making a character in the early am, like around 5 or so EST.  Both servers are usually unlocked briefly around then. 


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They definitely crop up on most Worlds on Crystal, There aren't as many but you shouldn't find it hard to find at least a few. 

I've even been to a few RP events on other Worlds, I think the housing issues make other Worlds on Crystal quite appealing since you can get a house there with more ease than you could on Balmung/Mateus and still cross-visit to the bigger ones on other Worlds. 

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