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Looking for LT-RP, connections and more.

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Hello there and welcome to my Looking for More RP post!

Here's some of the basics:
Looking for more contacts, LT-RP-partner and more! DM please. I don't bite.


Name: Kokona Kumokiri

Gender: Female

Race: Au Ra - Raen

Server: Mateus - willing to visit others.

Carrd: https://whitecrane.carrd.co/#

Tumblr: https://white-crane.tumblr.com/

Apothecarist / Herbalist / Holistic Healer / Part-time Psychologist:

Koko has been studying the effects of herbal remedies for a long time and can brew you up a soothing potion for whatever ails you. Want to try acupuncture for that chronic condition? She's your healer.   Need an ear to vent to? A shoulder to lean on? She can provide you with a safe place to express yourself.

Body Guard : She likes to travel and visit new places or venues.  A lot.  Having a guard about when you're a delicate flower is always a bonus!

Charity :  Koko runs a sanctuary in the Mists that is always open called the White Crane Haven.  Need a hot meal? Safe place to stay? Better life with trade skill training or reading, writing? 


People watching is a favorite pass-time of hers. Don't be surprised if you find her idling in one of the city's eateries with a cup of tea and watching at you.


Noblewoman of Far Eastern descent : Koko has a long family history and comes from a clan that spans most of Othard and Hingashi.


Availability: EST - Most week nights and weekends in game, Discord always open.



Please check out her carrd as it contains a lot more details.


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