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Hello everyone.


I'm fairly newish to rp. A lot of my friends role play and i'm usually watching or listening to stories told from previous events. I have played a NPC a couple of times. Mostly I was just a dude behind a bar cooking.  I've roleplayed in my d&d game but that's generally most I've done.  

I'm on Crystal/Balmung and Monte is just your average dude I guess. (as long as you don't count his mustache) I don't know how others set up their characters but I like leaving his character sheet "blank" in the sense that he will grow organically with his interactions of people.   I dunno, a lot of this is pretty new to me. I did see that people use carrds so I made one.   

If anyone has any critique on it, please feel free to do so. 


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Hey!  welcome to ffxiv rp.  Love the idea of building a carrd as your character develops!  You wanted feedback, I think everything looks great!

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