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Hello everyone! I am excited to start RPing with you all and have fun. 

I've played a few MMOs in the past like Tera, BDO, Blade and Soul to name a few but those never really kept my attention. I have been playing FF14 for a couple months now and I am addicted to it.

I have roleplay experience in discord roleplay servers of different genres. I've also done roleplaying and tend to enjoy roleplaying in DnD and Good Society. I also dabbled into GTA 5 RP.


I found the coalition from looking online to see how one could get into FF14 RP, it took me a bit build up the courage to actually make an account since I have never been on a forum before. I am very excited to have this experience be my first. I am a more light roleplayer in nature but I would like to expand my skills to be a higher level roleplayer.


In real life I am a full time college student. I like to create digital art and play video games other than FF14, like Overwatch, Animal Crossing , GTA 5, Graveyard Keeper, Borderlands and so on.

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