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Advice for backstory

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So I'm looking for a little advice as I work on a non-WoL backstory. How unreasonable would it be for someone to have found a broken off piece of a primal (maybe from a battle) and fashion it into a weapon without thinking much of that origin?


Cause I know other people have defeated them before. And the primal in question I'm thinking of is ifrit and he mistakenly finds a piece of Ifrit, thinking it's an amalj'aa horn, and makes it into a blade (very gruesome but work with me for a moment). Right now it wouldn't do anything except give me the excuse of keeping the ifrit sword in his glamour. But I have also thought of it maybe having an effect on him later but who knows if I'll even do that.


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Primals are essentially concentrated aether given a physical form; when defeated, the aether disperses back into the world and the primal's spirit returns to the aetherial realm. If you've completed the patch 2.3 main story quests, you can watch cutscene #2 for "What Little Gods Are Made Of" for the in-game explanation (or watch it on YouTube).


As such, it's unlikely that a piece might "break off" and retain its shape on its own after the primal's defeat.


However, looking at items obtain from desynthesizing the blade, we can find fire clusters ("A large crystalline manifestation of aetheric fire energy.") and demimateria of the Inferno ("A crystallized mass of residual spiritbond energies transferred to an article of weaponry or armor by the Lord of the Inferno during its creation."). Perhaps these could give you the fiery link you're looking for?

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Let's also not forget the words of Yoshida.  If your character believes it can be done, why let someone else say it can't be done?


It's more important to have fun in a fantasy game *thumbs up*

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