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Hokkaido Wolfpack [Small - FC & LS] [HWP is Recruiting!]

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Free Company Name: Hokkaido Wolfpack

Free Company Tag: WP

In-Game Contact: Kuji Zarufu

Discord Contact: Paranoia Origins#2292

FC House/Workshop: None But Plan to Get one Someday Currently at Lv 2

Alignment: To be honest, it is a work in progress.

Carrd: https://hokkaidowolfpack.carrd.co/ (being updating it slowly as the days/weeks go by)


In-Character Information


We are strong, proud, and loyal wolf pack.

Would you have a place amongst the ranks of our family?


The Den of the Hokkaido Wolfpack—nestled along the shore of the Mists serves as a predators to whatever threatens the realm, The first and only remaining member of his family after the calamity, and as far as he knows he can't seem to remember anything, and felt as if he and realize that hes 5-10+ years younger. Doesn't know how but didn't complain, other then moving forward creating a new story for himself and to rebuild what was left of his once proud wolf pack that was left to him alone to rebuild from the ground up.


Hokkaido Wolfpack is not only just a place to go on hunting missions, but also as a family of hunters, healers, protectors, and other

Today, Hokkaido Wolfpack  is known not only as a Den of mixed artificed/ingenuous goods, but as a cooperation of artisans, intellectuals, and other loyal ranking members who're all dedicated to hunting down what ales Eorzea, rather it be Garlean Empire, to beasts, primals, etc.. Whether those needs be hunters, research, construction, or innovation - the men and women of the Hokkaido Wolf Pack are here to hunt down any foe. We are Eorzea's legendary hunters.



About Us

We are a Free Company of hunters and role-players of varying skills, talents and background (we take in all races), where a wolf pack that engages in different storylines, often centered around hunting marks as well as the development of characters and the Free Company itself, the most important goal of the Pack being to become not only powerful, but also known for our numbers, our hunting skills (among others), our pack code that should never be broken, but also set as example of strong pride as Eorzea's League of Hunters who will hunt down and destroy anyone or any"thing" that ails our world. As well to note that we also make and sell goods and provide different services in-which we have the right to say no to and will be forced or threaten to do so. Find out more in our Carrd above! **Note: still new so it is a work in progress. Thanks for understanding.


Interview both OOC via Discord/ In-Game; and IC with the Alpha Wolf of Hokkaido Wolfpack, Kuji Zarufu


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