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Greetings and Salutations!


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Hello everyone! 


MMORPG background: Minimal - I've pretty much jumped around between free trials and browser based games without ever really sticking. However, I have always adored the Final Fantasy titles, and, after much cajoling from a good friend, bought the bundle during the Steam Summer Sale. I have zero regrets. It helps that I have friends and family that play. 


RP experience: Quite a bit. I grew up with Gaia Online and a plethora of other forum/text based RP sites. In addition, I played several heavy-RP MUDs for a time (my home internet wasn't strong enough for anything else). In addition, I write, both fanfiction and original fiction, for funsies. Needless to say, I love RP.


How did you learn about the coalition? I found an old Reddit thread on the FFXIV subreddit and followed the link.


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) Oh, well, I'm back in school for interior design and hopefully furthering to architecture. I'm very interested in efficient, functional use of space that is both natural to use and live in as well as ecologically conscience (definitely was a tree hugging, worm saving, whale loving child xD). In addition to writing, I love music. I have slacked off with my flute, but hope to rectify that as soon as I move. I have a dog and live with my sister who has two cats, all of whom keep life interesting. 


Onto my characters. I ended up making quite a few due to friends and family all being on different data centers. While I don't mind RPing in general, there is only one I want to do more serious RP. 


Name: Piane Ljanta

Race: Viera

Class: Lancer (intending to go into Dragoon)

Location: Crystal - Mateus 

RP: Medium to Heavy

General Ideas: I have been wanting to make a Viera character since my playthrough of FFXII with Fran. In this case, I took a bit of time. I knew I wanted her to come from the Golmore Jungle. While I want to pursue dragoon as a class, I am not opposed to switching and using an RP based reason for her to learn a healer and a tank. She would end up being a crafter more so than anything else, and I have half a mind to have her become very attached to Ishgard. 

Brief History: One day, while on the hunt, she heard the singing of a warding group of minstrels as they crossed through the jungle's paths. Thus entranced, she embarked upon the difficult life of exile, severing her tie with the Wood. Sheer luck led her along the treacherous path to Rabanastre. From the bustling desert city to Bhujerba, Piane once more encountered the enthralling sound -that of a piano, inspiring her name. After the Calamity, lost and alone, the breeze blew her to Eorzea. Shunning the traditional bow of her people, instead, she donned the spear in hope that her new life in a new Wood would lead to more discoveries. 

Basic Personality Ideas: Polite and respectful in general, though more lively with those closest to her. I think I want her to enjoy the formalities of Ishgardian society (we'll see). She shall also be curious by nature, though more likely to compile and keep observations and discoveries to herself unless prompted or she trusts the individual. Her joys will be art and architecture, and music -that which drew her from the Wood so long ago.


My other characters:

-Llyweith Fjela (Aether - Midgardsormr, Light)

-Neneko Gesi (Aether - Cactar, Light to Medium)

-Cleopinnne Voulaux (Primal - Ultros, Light to Medium)

-Sashishi Shihi (Crystal - Zaleara)


Thank you guys so much for creating this space, and I hope to play with you guys in the future!



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