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RP Outside of the Game Preference?


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So I'm not sure if this has been discussed anywhere before, and I'm honestly just curious, but anyone out there prefer RP outside of the game? Like through Discord, Skype, etc? There are times when I can't afford to pay the subscription for one reason or another, and I feel like it ruins any chance of roleplaying with others because of it. I personally prefer RP through Discord because I tend to write lengthy posts and it's easier to manage without having to always be on my computer. Anyone else out there feel the same?



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Depends on my partner. I have ongoing RP over discord with one person and we have a pretty regular posting schedule and it works. Other people just drop-off mid scene because there's nothing to keep them engaged longer. Which can be really annoying when waiting for follow up. I do like to write long paragraphs so discord suits me well, but it really depends on the person on the other side as to how well it works. For most people I would prefer to be in game for that reason. 

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I 100% prefer Discord. It's a program I can have running whenever and, thanks to mobile, wherever. Even if it's not RPing on Discord I very heavily prefer sharing Discord info just for the sake of messaging people stuff along the lines of "Hey, are you free to RP tomorrow?"


It's not a case of the sub fee for me it's the fact that I have a static that goes hard on raid content when it comes out then eases up on days/hours when we clear. So come the new patch I'll be raiding 20 hours a week for a couple weeks to a month then have free time again. During that raiding period I have free time but not consecutive hours to stand around in the game RPing. I need the Discord versatility for that period of time.


That said I used to look almost exclusively for Discord or forum RP on my old character and I haven't been able to find any partners willing to stick with it. People would disappear mid scene or tell me after they were trying Discord and didn't like it. Now dropping that character and trying to focus more on in-game RP and I still can't find anyone to stick around. So maybe Discord wasn't my problem.

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I'm Discord/maybe Forum preferring person as well. It's little frustrating that we who prefer RP this way have apparently little hard time finding each other :/

I have had some FFxiv rp action on Discord with my multi-fandom writing buddy, but she has fallen into quite the horrible writing slump "lately" (over year now...), so that thread is on hold.

I have been thinking that maybe agreeing to do sort of "session 0" with any new rp acquaintance would be worth it? Like, before you make vague yet ambitious plans to write 100,000 word epic. See how your narrative styles and posting frequency matches.  

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21 hours ago, Impstatus said:

I have been thinking that maybe agreeing to do sort of "session 0" with any new rp acquaintance would be worth it? Like, before you make vague yet ambitious plans to write 100,000 word epic. See how your narrative styles and posting frequency matches.  


I can't say that any of my attempts had that sort of agreement but with the exception of one all were just simple meet and talk in a bar type encounters. The type of thing most people do to meet in-game. One time a bar fight was included but that was as crazy as those tavern scenes actually got. They tended to be pretty simple and there was never any ambitious planning. Heck, I would LOVE to have someone make plans with me or at the very least read my character's info and be able to tell me what sort of connection they wanted when they saw it. I can't really blame the people who just saw someone who's time, style, etc looked compatible and took a shot in the dark without that though.

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I'm okay with RPing in discord, but greatly prefer the game itself, since it's more likely that a scene is going to finish in a timely manner. I got this thing about time continuity- regardless of where I'm roleplaying, things are happening when they're happening. So something that happens in discord will effect my character in the game, same as something in the game will carry over to any discord RP. So when a discord RP drags on for days, it gets in the way of the game's continuity, and ends up becoming a problem for me to sort out time-wise when interacting with other players, if that makes sense.


This is only a non-issue if the person I'm discording with will never actually meet my character in-game, and it's more or less expected that the whole thing will be AU. Alternatively, they're so far removed from current goings-on that it's perfectly acceptable to ignore whatever else is going on. Am I the weird one in this? It seems to have bothered people when I tried to explain it in someone's FC a while back.

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I really prefer in game RP, personally. I like the feeling of interconnectedness of RPing in this living world, and the spontaneity and inclusiveness of others being able to join in. I've found Discord RP can also fall off pretty easily if either person is slow to respond, or doesn't have patience for slow responses. While this may be a more isolated problem... I've also run into the issue that some people seem to believe the one-on-one, direct line of contact and privacy offered in Discord RP is some sort of precursor to romance and/or ERP. And, uh, it's not so much that anyone has gotten pushy about that, but rather that some RP's I've done have felt utterly directionless and pointless after my character rejects these advances and then the other person slowly stop replying altogether, like those were the only topics they had any intention or interest in exploring. It's disappointing and feels like a big waste of my time, and more than a little rude when I'm very straightforward about having no interest in RPing anything along those lines from the very beginning.

That being said, Discord RP does have its purposes. I do still love Discord for scenes that are more difficult to convey in game, be it due to a setting that is not well-represented (if represented at all) in game, more isolated long-term storylines, or something that requires more multi-para/novella length posts that are a little more difficult to cram into the chat box. Not to mention, of course, it's very helpful when schedules just aren't aligning for someone I'd normally be RPing with in game, or the subscription has lapsed or something else is preventing them from getting in game. I do like lengthy, descriptive posts, so I do love how Discord RP lets me let loose in writing after my background in forum RP!

At this point, I pretty much only do Discord RP with someone after we've met and done some in-game first to establish some rapport for our characters and give me a chance to see any potential red flags so I know our RP isn't going to just flop in Discord.

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Count me as another person who prefers Discord RP, and for the same reasons already mentioned here. Since there seem to be a few of us who have a hard time finding each other, perhaps we can use this thread as a means of doing so. My own Discord name is Ihsan997#7712. Perhaps a few of us on here can talk shop and share ideas for potential scenarios.

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