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Hi! I am looking for new writing company for off-game FFXIV RP on Discord. 
I play the game on PS, and my keyboards keep on self-destructing, so in-game RP never seemed sensible choice for me as additionally when thinking with my feet I just have two left feet. I have roleplayed on Skype and Discord for the last 10 years, loving it, and I would just love to do something interactive and roleplaylike with my FFXIV characters on my current main RP platform in Discord.
...So, plsplspls god, if this is something you are looking for too, let's say hi to each other, omg I am starving... 


This will get wordy, not because I'd be always irritatingly wordy but because I do want to reveal my full hand and most of my quirks as roleplayer, which may or may not become topical.


I. Basic Info

Characters: Ikaruga Kurai & Jitah'li Habhoka; Though characters bearing the names exists on Chaos DC and are indeed owned by me (Ikaruga being my current raiding main), for casual in game purposes I fully intend to just Fantasia that one character, Ika on Ragnarok, to match the appearance of the character most appropriate to those purposes. I am not interested in in-game RP, but I am free and enthusiastic to meet any prospective RP partner in-game OOC if we so agree; running dungeon, running raid, climbing Kugane tower, taking screenshots - like, skybox is the limit. 
Little friendliness never made worse roleplays. 
Primary character: The one I succeed in getting tangled into any meaningful story at all, to be honest...
Linkshells: -
Primary RP linkshell: -


II. RP Style

Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Light-medium. Or just right amount to guarantee Good Time™. This is creative, fun hobby and I have too long history with it to whip myself over every little thing. 
For reference: some samples of my previous RP threads in their raw and unedited glory. KLICK 

Views on RP combat and injuries: I am story fanatic, as in the story is what I am addicted about in RP. I am not interested punishing mine or anyone's characters with little rhyme or reason to it. But well set fight scene, or daring duel, or chase out of danger's way? Well, don't leave me out. And do not let my characters get out without little scars onto their skin or mind, or both.

I'm not afraid to leave my characters lose, a lot. But I promise that they'll put on losing fight with gusto.

Views on IC romance: I approve; the sugar of romance compliments the salt of the danger and anxiety very nicely.
My characters have no set strict orientation. When it comes to RP I think the chemistry and compatibility between personalities is more important than if they are guys or girls or both or neither. Love is love.
I think plotting romantic tension, if that is something both parties want, is fun way to lay some groundwork for the upcoming RP even before the writing begins.
I write ERP too, but not as stand-alone self-satisfactory titillation. It's gotta be part of the story; like with aggression and violence in RP, I do not much like erotica and sensuality just randomly be there for the sake of it.
I am hopeless fujoshi, so there is that, I guess :D But none of my guy characters are exclusively gay, as stated. In such pairing they might have top tendency, or faux sore loser tendency.

And most importantly; ladies are welcomed and embraced in this romance scenario business, equally!

Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I approve; familial relationships, antagonistic relationships, uncertain connections - potential is right there and it is awesome.
I am staunchly pro-plotting as I do not think it takes anything away from the writing itself. And when I talk about plotting I mean some general "but then happened or might happen!" flavored guidelines. If it cannot be bend or break if something better comes by, it was likely not very fun plot to begin with.
I am interested in miqo'tes and au ras being, well, miqo'tes and au ras together.

So any culturally/behaviorally cat people things for Jitah'li and any xaela centric socialization for Ika are shamelessly sought out by me, but naturally those are not only kind of encounters I wish for, because the characters itself are not that weirdly insular/in-group focused.

Views on lore: Imagination is more important than knowledge, but let's play by it. 
Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): -


III. Other Info

Country: Finland
Languages: Finnish; native, English; just trying my damned best with it, with wavering confidence in my own text.
I am?: F/1991
Timezone: UTC +2
Contact info: Gare/Ika#0164 (a)Discord

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