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I doubt anyone remembers me, it's been ages since I was around and the display of this website has changed quite a bit from the white-cream and blue colors it originally had. I am a roleplayer that came to FF14 at the behest of my friends who wanted to play the game with me. However when I came here my friends had lost all interest and their guild had collapsed, so they left the day after I arrived sadly. Since then I've on and off tried to find something to ground me in this game and immerse myself within its lore and what not, but I just couldn't find anything to do so. I also moved to Mateus from Balmung when the migrations were happening and helped a bit in setting up the rp community on the server, but unfortunately life called me away for some time. Basically I'm a ghost, but I'm a fancy one and I love telling stories all the same :P. 


My memories of my time in this game are almost a blur to me, but I do remember that I played an elezen and a roegadyn back in the day. The elezen was a wildwood from Gridania named Vanelleaux Feyrbrant, a wood wailer turned monster slayer (dragoon) that used to travel the land and take up assignments as they came. He was also involved in defending Ishguard from the dragon threat along hte outskirts and cleared the way for citizens to escape to safety. The roegadyn sadly I have no memory of :P.


My return to the game will still be a ways off since I'm currently on assignment for my job, but I'll be ready sometime in the spring. In truth I'm returning because my girlfriend expressed interest in the game and I love playing video games with her. We're both roleplayers as well. In fact we joked about making a pair of viera twins for the fun of it all :P. Just a pair of goofy characters that just bumble around :P. I doubt they'd be our mains, but it's a fun thought. Also super glad to finally see an actual beastman race that isn't a human or elf with animal parts glued on (looking at you Hrothgar).


Not sure who I'd play really upon my return whether I'll still continue to focus on Vanelleaux or move on to another character, but I do enjoy the ol' elf-beanpole :P. I've missed a lot it seems since those days. People laughed at me when I predicted they'd bring in a class that wields a gunblade and look at me now, so I might jump on that, or go back to my FF XI roots and play a paladin :P. I've been rping for years upon years now and I've been in such universes such as FF XI, SWG, Aion, DCUO, SWTOR, WoW and GW1 and GW2. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

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Well, I know I'm a few days late, but welcome back! I hope that whatever you decide to do brings you a bunch of happiness and you're both sucked (back) into the game and get all the RP and game wholesomeness :)

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