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Looking for Discord-only RP!

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Greetings! I've been itching to throw my characters at some new faces, but I've been unable to do in-game RP as much as I wish I could. Instead, I find RP outside of the game much easier and convenient for me. So, I was hoping to find some like-minded individuals that would be interested in RPing with me through Discord. The descriptions of my characters are below, and feel free to toss me an invite via Discord if you wanna RP some shenanigans!


  • Discord Tag: MitsuCat#2335

What I Will RP:

- I'm especially interested in long-term connections, but I'm fine with keeping things simple at first

- Angst, Friendships, Romance, All the Feels.... honestly, anything goes except for a few certain themes

- I especially enjoy drama and angst, which can make for some really powerful and emotional scenes that let you get to know the inner-workings of a character. I live for that kind of writing!

- Short-and-sweet Shenanigans!

- I ain’t afraid of gore, dark themes, foul language, torture scenes, etc. Bring it on! :)

What I Will NOT RP:

- no ERP (I prefer the "fade to black" approach to sex scenes)

- no rape plots

- no permanent death of my characters (NPCs are a whole other story :) )


Things to Keep in Mind:

- I could definitely be called a 'para-RPer', but I by no means expect you to write as much as I do in your replies. Whip up as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. I'm not here to judge :)

- I'm available in the evenings on weekdays, and mostly all-day on the weekends

- OOC and IC relationships are separate. Period.

- I might have a slight obsession with cats. NYA!

- I typically respond to RP within 1-2 days, but if for whatever reason it'll take me longer than that, I'll let you know. I strive to be as communicative as possible.


Cat Working GIFNow onto the good stuffs!....

My Characters:

Name: Chip
Age: 19
Race: Seeker of the Sun
Gender: Male
Orientation: Demisexual/Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

  • Fish Merchant. Are you looking to buy some fish? Perhaps he could be of some assistance.
  • Bane of the Mole Tribe. There were no survivors, but many a rumor floats around that the one who massacred the Tribe remains alive. Such rumors can especially be heard around Eastern/Southern Thanalan. Confront him about it at your own peril.
  • Map Please! If your character is lost, or randomly wandering La Noscea for one reason or another, they are bound to run into Chip. He often looks like your everyday traveler, so it's quite possible he can point you in the right direction for wherever you're trying to go.
  • Ex-gypsy. The shadow of a boy lived under the name Azrael and was housed by a traveling gypsy caravan in Southern Thanalan. Perhaps your character saw one of their performances, or noticed them from afar? Those were of happier times...
  • Groot! You may have seen Chip traveling with a baby Goobbue in tow at some point. The seedkin has since then grown up, and he's now lurking about in the wilds of the Black Shroud! It would be hard not to spot him among other Goobbue, as Groot is adorned with braided bracelets of grass from grateful Sylphs who wanted to honor their hero.
  • Fishing. He fishes! Is your character interested in learning how to fish, or needs some tips? He just might agree to help out.
  • Combat Novice. Recent events have left the simple fishercat seeking other talents, such as how to defend himself. Perhaps your character could assist in teaching him how to fight? He’s currently seeking lessons in hand-to-hand combat, as well as how to fight with sharp objects.
  • Familial Tribe. Perhaps your character is a long lost member of the extinct Mole Tribe? There’s a chance that not everyone was present at the main camp during the fateful massacre. I’m definitely open to this possibility :)
  • Fish Finder. Struggling for coin, the talented fishercat has reluctantly offered up his skills in return for a small fee. Need a specific fish but don't know where to find it? Lack the right fishing tools to catch the elusive seafood? Chip might be the last resort you're looking for.
  • Music of the Night. If you're out wandering the wilds of La Noscea late at night, you might hear the eerie sound of an old music box drifting faintly through the cold air. Is it a ghost? Do you dare follow the sound? Whatever could be the source of such a tragic melody...?



Name: Asher
Age: 23
Race: Mixed (Highlander+Keeper of the Moon)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Committed

  • Mizzenmast Inn. He’s secured a room there since the day he walked out of the Rogue’s Guild. Perhaps your character happens to live there too? What if they are neighbors? Gasp!
  • The Crimson Serpent. Asher hates every part of that ship, including its captain. Have you perhaps heard of the infamous ship or was once part of its crew? Confront him about it at your own risk.
  • Smuggler for Hire! He infiltrates ships to usually mess with cargo, but there’s nothing saying he couldn’t sneak something in the cargo too. I’m always up for potential jobs for Asher, so if you think you’ve got a job idea for him, please let me know!
  • Ex-Rogue. He left the Rogue’s guild, but carries with him the knowledge of how they operate and how to fight with knives. Was your character one of their members as well during his time there?
  • Halfbreed. He’s got the looks of a Keeper of the Moon, but the attitude of a Hyur. He also has a stub tail and probably can’t even pronounce the word “Miqo’te.” Poke him about it. It just might make his day.
  • Costa del Sol. Someone at the harem there looks a lot like him… Has your character realized the connection?
  • Gambling Debt. Asher's known for playin' cards in the seedier parts of Limsa Lominsa. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he doesn't, but he always gets his coin... and conveniently forgets to ever pay it back.
  • Bilge Rat. If you're a frequent resident of Limsa Lominsa, you've probably heard of this name more than once when Asher's nearby. It boasts his "popularity" with the locals.
  • The Ruby Sparrow. You may have heard of his brief appearances in the Bloodsands. He has not been seen in action for several months.
  • Shared Blood. Due to the sexual tendencies of those who birthed him, it’s likely Asher has some half-brothers or sisters floating about Eorzea. Is it time to introduce yourself?
  • Professional Carver. Is your character seeking to learn how to fight with knives but doesn’t want to join the Rogue’s Guild? You could try and ask him for lessons. He might just take you seriously.



Name: Endel Blanche
Age: 25
Race: Midlander
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

- Endel is my newest and recently resurrected character, so he has no wiki page yet.



  • Ex-Templar. Once upon a time, he was naught but a boy who wanted to grow up to be a Temple Knight, but his dream was tragically shattered just a few years after joining them. Perhaps your character once trained alongside him long ago, or recognizes his fighting style with a lance?
  • *chirp*....*chirp*. For whatever reason, Endel speaks not a word. Are you of similar predicament and just need a friend? He’ll understand.
  • Drinking Buddy. The man enjoys his ale, perhaps a bit too much at times. You can easily find him at a tavern indulging in one of his favorite pastimes.
  • Assistance! Endel doesn’t always come out unscathed after finishing a hunt. If your character is a healer, he probably will be in need of one if a mug of ale isn’t enough to dull the pain.
  • The Silent Slayer. For a time, he worked in Gridania doing various levequests and tasks for the local populace. He took many a hunting job without complaint, earning him a recognized title. Perhaps your character has heard rumors of this man and sought to track him down in order to hire him?
  • Banished. If your character used to, or currently resides in Ishgard, you might have noticed Endel living there one upon a time. It has been years since he has been spotted within the frozen stone walls. Do you have a burning desire to ask him why?
  • Old Leather Book. More often than not, the man is seen nursing a mug of ale and scribbling notes down in a journal of sorts. Is he writing a novel? Is he a spy recording secrets? Only one way to find out...
  • Shrouded. Endel often wears an old stained cloak to hide a full set of armor beneath that provides a dead giveaway of his profession and heritage. The hood is usually up to conceal his face, and anyone with enough curiosity might find it hard to ignore such a mysterious stranger.
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Bumpity! Still on the lookout for frands, especially for Endel and Asher!

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