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Better Late Than Never?

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So, apparently, I've been a member of the RPC for nearly two years now, and I've never done an introductory post!  Seeing as how I'm about to shamelessly beg for help from the community, I figure I should correct this oversight first!

I mainly go by my Discord handle Trea these days, though my main no longer carries that prefix before her name.  I've played in several MMORPGs...starting out in City of Heroes/Villains before moving to World of Warcraft.  I dabbled in RP there, with my main character that I had named Trea, but never advancing very far with it.  I much preferred to RP in stories I wrote after a bad falling out with an RP partner I had.  I dabbled in RIFT a bit during my WoW time, before permanently moving to FFXIV in March of 2019.

As I mentioned, I had a one on one RP partner relationship that went sour in WoW, but before that I had dabbled with Tabletop RPGs in college, playing such games as D&D 3.5, Legend of the Five Rings, Mutants and Masterminds, and Star Trek RPG.  I've always preferred the story telling aspect of these games, more so than the combat portion, though.


Since it's been almost two years since I joined the coalition, I don't remember exactly how I first found it, likely while doing some research for RP when I first came into the game.  I can say that I re-found the coalition through an old Reddit post that had it linked within it.


I'd say that I'm aiming to be a Medium to Heavy RPer, as I have a lot of time on my hands.  As far as my characters, I have 6 different females, spread across two data centers.  I don't do much RP with my 2 Aether characters, and I have two characters on Crystal that I don't RP either.  All of my Crystal characters make their home on Balmung, by way of Mateus.  My final two characters are my main, Ajianne, and what I like to call my second main in Treamira.  However, Treamira is permanently paired with my spouse's character, so I never do anything on Treamira without them, which intentionally limits their RP and Content potential, despite the fact that I've actually figured out an RP backstory for her!  However, Ajianne is my "problem child", and I'm planning on shamelessly begging the community for help in the Character Workshop thread.

With all that said, I suppose it's time to give you a peek behind the scenes and let you get to know the player behind Ajianne and Treamira.  My RL name is Victoria, but I've taken Trea as an actual nickname, since I detest the traditional nicknames for Victoria.  I'm a 42 year old stay-at-home mom, and I homeschool my autistic son.  When I'm not doing lessons with him, I'm either in game puttering around with old content or crafting on Ajianne (she hasn't started Shadowbringers yet!), or I'm out of game and crocheting or reading.  I don't have any RL friends, and only a couple of in game acquaintances, so I lead a pretty lonely existence.  I'm hoping that I can change that through RP!

At any rate, I've rambled on for long enough here...merry met to you all!

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