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Female Miqo'te Keeper seeking out friendships and rivals in Eorzia

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Myst is an eclectic character struggling with the loss of home and family. She is politely reserved with strangers, mischievous with those that cross her, and affectionate with friends. While she has been somewhat reclusive in the early months outside the depths of the Shroud, she has started brightening and expanding her social network in recent days.


The Seeker:

If your character often spends time in the wilds, they may have seen her exploring caves and forests in search of regents and clues to old stories.


The Shroud:

Lives in Lavender Beds, 14th ward, plot 10 with a Duskwight.

Wanders the Shroud and visits the Gridanian market once a week for basic supplies like paper and ink.

Those who have lived in the Shroud would likely have traded with her clan on occasion. They have a reputation for poaching and traveling to various places that the twin adders attempt to bar from outsiders. The clan also engages in trade with some of the remaining Duskwight pockets when they venture to the surface. Assuming the clan is not in the deep shroud during those excursions.

La Nosca:

Works in the Mist at Hazelwood Refuge, (Mateus Ward 20, plot 31)

Limsa: Sometimes wanders markets and seen delivering reagents to the Guilds. Particularly the culinarians guild.

Can be seen wandering wilds now and then



Sometimes seen near the Blue mages guild, though she does not seem to actively participate yet.

Sometimes delivers reagents to local guilds.


Overseas: Occasionally seen around Shirogane and Kugane, or the surrounding areas. Most often in search of myths, information, or reagents.



Most of her reagent deliveries in Eorzia and the East are on behest of an Eirene Charbonneau.


Looking For

Friends, acquaintances, business associates, friendly rivals, unfriendly rivals, and antagonists.

Not looking for romance for Myst. 


Themes: Friendly, slice of life, lore-friendly, house/fc, travel/world, missions, rivalries, more serious storylines with a measure of danger


NOT looking for: Super-dark themes, excessive gore, abuse, slavery, lore-breaky, or erp


Playtimes & server

Afternoons and weekends, typically most available around 3ish pm to 9pm MST (-7 universal time)

FC Staff, so I need to prioritize any group events- but you'll be invited to any open to public. :)
Mateus Server


Carrd: https://mystiree.carrd.co/

Discord Id: Myst#7467





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