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[FC] [Goblin] Big Dango! 18plus, lite-med RP, no drama, mercenary themed. Crystal DC (NA)

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Big Dango's Site - https://bigdango.carrd.co


Big Dango (Goblin) is a free company on the outskirts of the law, dedicated to the betterment of its community, whatever that may mean. Everyone is welcome, provided they can prove their worth. With a loosely military structure, 'Gigs' are overseen by the roegadyn Gucci, and given relative autonomy so long as they ultimately bring in their Take, generally, by any means necessary.


Light/med mercenary RP + complementary IC CWLS,

Monthly meetups for competitive tribute collection,

Guild-run missions,

Newbie friendly,

A designer house, The Dango Loft,

Part of a welcoming overarching community,

Opportunities for all kinds of game content,

Potential static membership,

Cross-world connections,

Movie nights,

Fashion advice!

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