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A Small-ish Introduction!

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Hey everyone! After a lot of deliberation and following the site for a while, thank you for building such a wonderful hub for roleplayers by the way, I've decided to finally make an account and extend a more formal greeting. It has been quite a while since I've been apart of a forum so I apologize in advance for any mistakes here.


I've been playing FFXIV for a year now (started Easter weekend of 2020) and have thoroughly thrown myself into an immense love for not only the game but the community behind it. Which brought me here! While my roleplaying in MMO's is nearly none, I've been roleplaying for 10+ years on forums, dA groups, etc. and, unsurprisingly, that has lead me to want to try a hand at roleplaying with my FFXIV characters!


I'm a character creator at heart, my oc's are probably my absolute favorite thing to draw, but there's things sometimes I, as the creator, cannot truly inspire in my characters like another's interactions can. So, apologies, the characters themselves have information still in the works. But I hope I can provide something/someone/etc. of interest to you all!


Roleplay Style

  • I work at the pace of my partner mostly, encouraged to write more if they do!
  • Paragraph primarily with mild experience with scripts
  • In-depth, casual, or headcanoning is all loved
  • Prefer Discord or Google Docs but open to trying other suggestions for logging


Current Characters - https://toyhou.se/Wiree/characters/folder:1830906

  • Topu Jhimgu || Siren || Main
  • Olu Jhokneye || Jenova
  • Theoden Wolfgang || Cerberus
  • J'aecar Tia || Mateus || Alt-Main


Gosh this turned into a ramble...but I hope to post more soon and thank you to anyone who reads this! I can't wait to start roleplaying and, with luck, meet more folks who do as well. If you have any tips/suggestions on places to start, please, feel free to let me know! ;v;

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Hello there, Ree, welcome! :)

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1 hour ago, Faye said:

Hello there, Ree, welcome! :)

Thank you Faye, I'm really happy to be here! Also, your banner signature is lovely! 😊

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17 hours ago, Ree said:

Thank you Faye, I'm really happy to be here! Also, your banner signature is lovely! 😊

You're very welcome, we're glad to have you! :D And thank you!!

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