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Looking for long-term rp for my 3 miqo'tes!

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Hello! 😊


30+ roleplayer, female. New to the forum but not new to roleplaying or FFXIV. :) Looking for some new roleplaying friends for long-term rp for my boys - either of them, really, if not all!


I much prefer roleplaying via Discord, but mixing in some in-game rp every once in a while would be fun, too.


What am I like as a roleplayer?

I like a little bit of everything, but I prefer some kind of romance plot (I feel like everyone and their mother says this, lol). ERP is welcome, but it's important for me that the characters have some kind of bond first (unless we've come to some kind of agreement, like a character being a bit non-committal or something) and that there's an actual plot happening, too. Plotless ERP is also fun, but I'd prefer something more long-term, if possible.

I do like writing paragraphs, but I'm not super-picky when it comes to their length - but one-liners tend to bug me, haha. When it comes down to it, I think I'm leaning towards medium-roleplayer (light, medium, heavy).


What am I currently looking for?

Long-term relations, I'd love some slow-burn romance with some erp (Kinky stuff? Yes please!) sprinkled in. Darker themes, as well as lighter themes, are welcome. (I dislike gore though, not a huge fan.) My characters all have their own backstory that I wish to explore further and it'd be great to do so with a long-term rp partner!


I prefer male x male roleplaying, since that's what I'm the most used to, but my character Cedu'li (see below) has a history with having a female fiancee - however, she was taller and stronger than him and therefore offered a slightly different couples dynamic (compared to the somewhat stereotypical hetero-dynamic), which I find a lot more interesting. :) Aka big women might be Cedu'li's thing.


(I'm trying my best not to be embarrassed writing this publicly. It's not really working.)


PS: OOC and IC = totally separate. ❤️ 


What about my character(s)?

I'm a sucker for miqo'te boys. Is anyone surprised? Probably not. I just love them.

Sadly, I'm not on any of the major roleplaying servers - I'm on Lich. But with the world visit as well as the data center visit system coming, I don't think that will be a huge problem. 


My main character is Cedu'li Nholi, who's a soft, kind, scholarly nerd who wishes to travel the world and write down any lore on all the different kinds of magic he can find.

My second favorite character is Sireh'ya Shilno, a culinarian who has a soft spot for astrology and tarot cards (aka I play him as an Astrologian). He's a very soft and chill person who enjoys pampering the ones he loves with some pretty good food.

And, thirdly, we have N'xihmi Nuhn, a runaway Nuhn who's just... an easily angered, perhaps slightly too open about his sexual preferences, bratty guy wishing to live The Good Life in Ul'dah and ignore his feelings because feelings are just dumb amirite.


There's more of the boys (including introductions of them as characters, my personal art and screenshots of them) over on my old Tumblr, if you're curious. 


If you're interested in exploring my characters, don't hesitate to send me a DM and we'll talk about it! Cheers! ❤️ 


(Screenshot is of Cedu'li.)




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46 minutes ago, Impstatus said:

i like your catmen

Th-thanks, I like them too :'D (They're aching for some action, go get 'em)

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Update: I am happy to say that Cedu'li and N'xihmi has found a friend each to play with, but Sireh'ya is still shyly looking for someone to offer his famous cupcakes to!


Sireh'ya is training to be a culinarian, but is feeling kind of lonely since he had to flee his home after most, if not all, of his friends mysteriously dropped off the face of the planet. He could use some love in his life right now (aka I'd like a romantic plot, if possible). ❤️ 


All three boyos have had their introductions re-written (and their ages changed) over on Tumblr (links in first post!), so check those out if you're interested! :) 

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