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Looking for long term, multi-para/novella RP partner and in-game shenanigans buddy!

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Hello there!

I'm still relatively new to FFXIV but am a long time role play veteran (been RPing since 2001 in various mediums).

I'm looking for someone who's willing to help me learn the lore both of the game and Viera in particular, as I wish to portray a Viera WHM/AST, and perhaps some DOH/DOL aspects to help flush out who she is as an individual.


I'm interested in romance first and foremost (slow burn most especially), with slice of life, action, adventure, intrigue and angst as additional facets to create a well rounded story. I'm okay with most themes, so don't be shy about telling me what you're interested in. My preferred method of RP'ing is Discord. I'm absolutely that person who'd happily have our characters logged in and curled up in personal housing or in some locale throughout the game as a reminder of who we "are" while we write!

I would be most suited to be the partner for someone who's knowledgeable in the game and willing to set the initial stage of the story while I gain my footing in Eorzea.


I'm also interested in playing the game with my RP partner. I'm a WoW refugee with fourteen years of experience in that game under my belt, in content ranging from competitive PVP to high end raiding. I have a deep love for collecting glamour, pets and mounts (it was the main activity that kept me logging into WoW during content droughts throughout the years), as well as just healing duty roulettes (I adore healer whack-a-mole).


If any of this interests you, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'm fairly adaptable in terms of theme and strive to provide verbose replies that are immersive and captivating.


- Zophi

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I am not sure you have gotten any hits but I would be more then happy to help with a lot of what you posted here. I am just returning myself after a long hiatus from the game after finishing the initial portion of Stormblood at its launch. I am pretty knowledgeable in a lot of the game but content relating to Shadowbringers. I would be happy to help you get up to speed and help get you initially acquainted with the game while I am getting myself caught up as well. If you're interested feel free to hit me up and we can talk characters, goals, lore, and what you are looking for. I can't promise I can solve all your criteria here since I usually let story flow naturally then script it when it comes to more casual RP. None the less I would love to help you out any way I can. Just let me know!


P.S: I also may surprise you with Viera lore since I was initially planning on playing one but the lack of helmet killed it for me. I love my fancy hats. 

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