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IC crafter looking for in-game connections!

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Hi Everyone! Holy crap I came back and re-did this since I've been working on my character. 


Why I'm here:

I go by Bauldric online and I am looking to make connections for my character and to make some new friends that enjoy the same aspects of the game as I do. This can be participants for IC crafting quests, adventures, business settings, and other non-sense I can't even think of currently. I'm looking for mainly long-term roleplay opportunities and I am not opposed to almost any kind of RP so long as it based in the story of the character's life. So hit me up if you are interested!


IC Info: 

  • Full Name: Kindled Flame
  • Age: 29
  • Place of Birth: Ul'dah
  • Race: Hellsguard Roegadyn
  • Home: None at the moment (Traveling Trader)
  • Profession: Tradeswoman/Surveyor
  • Primary Skills:
    • Working trade deals and obtaining supplies
    • Mineral identication and collection
    • Geological and General Surveying
    • Jewelry making
  • Link for backstory and in-depth character info.


OOC Info:

  • Playtimes: I am a night owl but work a day job. On weekends I can be found at any time but during the weekdays I work 8am-5pm. I am found at PST times. 
  • Contact Info: Contact me in-game at Kindled Flame or by DM on this site. You can also leave a reply here on this thread or snag another contact method from my Carrd. 
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Updated character info to portray changes.
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