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Long time player wanting to try (in-game) RP for the first time! (Long-winded text ahead!)

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Hey there folks!


I've been meaning to take the plunge and dive into trying in-game RP for a while now to escape the typical everyday grind, and after finally being able to make a character on a server and Data Centre that actually has a heck of a community for it. Dragged myself through the first half of the base game, and now I'm trying to find a place to settle. 


Made myself a somewhat hapless Lominsan Lalafell Arcanist-turned-unlikely-Scholar with a backstory I'm still hammering the finer details out on as of now (AKA: Actually writing things down and collating them into something that anyone could read). Just trying to filter out all the bits and pieces that just don't make sense lore-wise, while trying out new and fresh tangents that're hopefully intriguing enough to develop further.


Everything was looking good...


Up until the moment I realized I had no idea where to even begin in-game!


I've had some experience with writing character stories, and quite a bit of experience of long-form writing via Discord and my own personal notes (read: D&D characters that'll never see the light of day), but how exactly does one transfer the skill to write expansive text dumps into an environment that doesn't quite accommodate 5+ paragraphs in a short amount of time?


Also! Etiquette: I haven't the foggiest idea of where to begin when it comes to all the typical shorthand I've seen in character's search info (although, I'm slowly picking it up... Slowly) in-game events and the like, and I really, really don't want to make a complete twit of myself in front of a bunch of people. I've just been skirting around most pop-up events I've found so far just to focus on my levelling and unlocking more of the world.


Finally... The community itself, and where to look for what kind of event since I'm curious about literally everything that can be done. I'm kind of worried about approaching big roleplay-centric FCs due to the overall lack of experience, but I'm even kinda skittish about even asking in most solo situations since I feel like I might be interrupting something (RP tag on or not)... Suppose it's a weird iteration of stage fright, sans the stage?


All in all... I hope I can find a little niche and whip up one good story for in-game, and hopefully many more - both in-game and outside of it - as well!


P.S: Thanks for putting up with the wall of text!

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Hello there, Turtle, welcome! :D Overall, the RP etiquette here is similar here to anywhere else. Most players and FC's will be understanding if you are newer to RP and/or the game in general. I totally feel you on the anxiety--I still get it myself--but most folks are happy to have someone approach them for some RP!

As for the short hand in some search infos...

WU - walk-up
MRP - mature RP
DRP - dark RP
ERP - erotic RP

/c/ - Indicates the character has an f-list

I think that wraps up the most common ones, but if you have any questions about anything at all, feel free to ask us here!

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