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RP Veteran, Total FFXIV Noob looking for a new MMO home

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So after 5 and a half years of owning this game (seriously, it was added to my Steam library on 24th Jan 2016!) I've finally decided to jump in. Reasons for doing so is I've been watching ActiBlizz ruin WoW over the past decade or so and Shadowlands / TBC monetisation was finally the straw that broke the camel's back. Seen a lot of people talking about quitting WoW for Final Fantasy XIV and talking high praises about the game, so here I am.


So who am I? Been RPing in MMOs and on the tabletop for over a decade. In terms of MMOs I started with World of Warcraft (started in vanilla, RPing started in WotLK) where I played a farm girl training to be a paladin, then Fallen Earth where I played a red-haired techie/traveler, then Star Wars: The Old Republic where I played a bunch of things since I played that from launch, then The Secret World where I played a Templar who had one parent with the Templars and one with the Dragon (not a happy teenage life), then Wildstar where I played the daughter of a Cassian noble (eager to assert Dominion dominance!) and an Aurin café owner. I think that's it? For tabletop RPGs, my go-to systems are Cyberpunk Red (was 2020, but now that Red is out I've fully transferred over), Stars Without Number and Worlds Without Number, so you can see I'm not a typical fantasy RPG player!


Now I'm here to continue my reign of terror! Terror, I say!! (maybe not, I'm not that scary...) In terms of my character, I'm not sure exactly what I want for Njala as I know very little about the game or the world. The only reason I chose Viera was because I played an absolute metric tonne of Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance and in that game I made a predominantly Viera clan (snipers, assassins and summoners. My clan was just about maximum overdrive levels of damage) which I went on to 100% the game with because I was like... 12, plus girl power! I'm considering a few avenues for Njala in this game, as I usually enjoy playing social butterflies, artists and other charismatic types, so maybe some sort of performer, chef/mixologist, dashing mercenary or combination of the above. At the time of posting I've just finished Gredania, so I still have a lot to learn about the setting and stuff, but I'm really liking what I've seen so far, both in terms of setting as well as mechanically.


In terms of what I'm going to be looking for, I'm here for the RP and content both. I love my heavy RP, forging bonds with other characters and developing both myself and relationships with others, but I also love my end game content. I still don't know how Free Companies and Linkshells work, but I think(?) I'm going to be looking for one sooner rather than later that'll be a good fit. Part of it is finding one that's EU-friendly, because I'm based in the UK.


On the topic of me, I'm a big fan of airsoft and martial arts because I'm a total weekend warrior; also a fan of Warhammer 40k where I play Eldar Corsairs (fandex now since GW hates us) and a mix of Imperial factions (Sisters, Guard and Space Marines/Grey Knights flavoured as super codex-divergent marines). I'm still in my 20s for another month and I've always told people what numbers mean for a living, as I used to be a maths teacher and now I'm an analyst. I also enjoy writing and managed to get my first book out there last year, so that's a bucket list item crossed off! Got a few more ideas to get sorted and written, but we'll see how long that'll take!


Anyway, I think that's enough rambling from me. I've already put out a small wall of text, so if you made it this far, I commend you. This is Njala, signing off! (for now...)

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