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[Chaos] Mute Xaela, down for anything (In-Game/Discord)

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Howdy hey,  I'm looking for folks to build in-game relationships with (Friendship, Romantic, Professional, anything and everything in between). Whether or not you take me up on the romance, I would still love to RP with more queer folk as it's honestly coming across as a genuine shock to me how few LGBT folks seem to be in FFXIV RP spaces!


I. Ashaaryx in a Nutshell

Age ✧ Late 20s
Height ✧ 170cm
Gender ✧ Male
Orientation ✧ Gay
Race ✧ Xaela Au Ra
Nationality ✧ Lominsan
Alignment ✧ Lawful Good

Likes ✧ Making other people happy, small animals, snow, sweets, dancing

Dislikes ✧ Bullies, airship-travel, loud/disorienting spaces, yarzons


Ashaaryx is mute, and finds himself unable to speak, although he understands Eorzean just fine. He's also able to read and understand Au Ri, but not with the same level of proficiency. His purpose in life is to help as may people in need as he can.


II. Meta

Data Center ✧ Chaos 

Timezone ✧ UTC+10 (Australian Eastern Time)

Playtime ✧ Honestly, I can make time if need be so I'm not sure how to answer this lol

Platform ✧ I'm happy to RP in-game, over discord, or even through other means


Discord ✧ alek#0641

III. Hooks

These are less hooks, more ideas I wanted to try out with people. I'm open to other things besides the ones mentioned, I just thought someone might wanna take me up on these.


Romance ✧ I'm open to any romance, and am happy to RP anything from a short lived romance, ExWB/FWB, slow burn/long term, anything. :3c Both ERP and No-ERP is fine. Bonus points if your character has a very leader-like/commanding personality as Ashaaryx is very much a softboi follower-type.


Rival ✧ Not really an enemy sort of deal, but I thought it would be fun to have a figure who strays to the less lawful side of things, who Ashaaryx is super sure they can help change to be a better person (though is probably just taking advantage of his sometimes gullible nature).


Mentee ✧ Partly RP, partly because I wanna spoil someone, if you're fairly new to the game and want a WHM to maybe sometimes send you gifts and help you out, hit me up. I like the idea of Ashaaryx doting over a sproutling adventurer.


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