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How do you go about recruiting/advertising for RP Events?

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So, I'm not the most social person, but I run an RP-FC themed around a tavern theme, and I'm pretty happy with it. Pre-COVID we did a semi-frequent events and ended up gaining some regulars and it was fun. Then we needed to take a break from that because of IRL/COVID related things and are just getting back into doing events.


Except no one is coming.

The most we've had for a 'recent' event was 5 people? Other than that, we've had folks walk in, ignore our greeter, look around and then leave without a world. It's getting a little disheartening and frustrating to say the least.


We're based on Coeurl, and do public events once every other week (partially due to IRL scheduling, and partially to have room for IC-stories and developments). I'm the only one doing the advertising across discords and in PF. 


If I'm doing anything wrong or if any other venue RPers have any tips they could pass along, that would be awesome and appreciated.



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Party finder is the big one and why you'll see most larger venues have 3 open at a time.  advertising your event in necessary servers a day before and an hour before are good reminders to people.  The only thing I've seen done differently is most venues will have a staff member make rounds in shout chat on different servers, during the event.


Hope this helps!

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- Make sure your RP event is on the FFXIV RP Calendar
- You can add your event to the calendar here on the RPC as well as the events forum
- You can also get listed on CrystalShouts
- Check out some of the community Discord servers and advertise your event there in the appropriate channels
- Consider advertising on tumblr and maybe twitter
- Put up Party Finder ads in game
- You can also advertise your event in /shout chat in major cities on your server and RP heavy servers (Mateus & Balmung)
- Get out there and meet people IC. Invite them to your venue in RP!

Aside from that, it's just making sure your events are appealing. :) Make your text ads interesting and informational, make your image ads visibly pleasing, make a menu that's creative and varied, make sure your venue is nicely decorated and fits your niche, and make sure your staff are friendly and engaging to guests. 

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