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I want to get into RP but I think I am on the wrong server?


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Hey, I found myself in the middle of decision fatigue! 


I am new to FFXIV in the sense that I played through the ARR msq while my other friends were playing and quit the game each time my friends lost interest. Now I am returning to the game again, but I have different friend groups scattered across data centers, and I have little time to re-level several characters. My current friend group claimed that Phoenix was the RP server on Light datacenter, but it seems pretty... Dead? (That's from searching for linkshells and fcs.) 

This forum is the only place that proves otherwise, so.. Is there any hope for a Phoenix RP'er or should I transfer/re-level on Omega? I don't mind buying a story skip, but I am just afraid of starting over yet again until to find out later that the RP scene on the new server is dead (again.)  

I am genuinely lost and would like some suggestions.. 

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Hello there, Renneth, welcome back! :) Thanks to the world visit system, you should be able to enjoy RP anywhere on your data center regardless of your server. The only way it will limit you is what FC's you can join (and linkshells, but it's mostly crossworld linkshells that get used if at all nowadays). I'm not sure how much RP the Light data center has in general, so it might take some searching. Best of luck!

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44 minutes ago, WinterDragoness said:

same new to this game and dont know what server to pic and suggestions ?


If you're looking for RP, Crystal Data Center has the highest RP population, but you may be able to find RP anywhere.

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