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Eventual Oceania RP spaces

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I know I might be getting  waaaay ahead of myself here, but I'm incredibly excited for the Oceania data centres to eventually open and part of that is finally maybe having an easy way to reach out to RP with people on the same timezone!


As is such, since I find you can reach a lot of people through discord as well, I wondered how early would be TOO EARLY to try to put together an Oceania RP discord? I know with it being months to go, I'm definitely over eager, but I figure better to come in asking early than late!


Another thing I also notice is that there's usually one ro discord for erp, and one for non-erp (calling it 'regular' or 'normal' seems really dismissive tbh lol) Is there a reason for this beyond probably the discord's creator not wanting to have erp in their spaces? I think I may be far too nonchalant about either to have an objective opinion, but it seems like it would be better to have a unified space and just gate the content, but that's just me. LOL


Mostly, I'm just here to get a pulse on if people are keen on this yet or if I ought bide my time more.

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I can answer the distinction for discord spaces.  You have a lot of factors when catering to a large community, age, sexuality being two big factors I'll hit here.  Having a non erp space allows players under 18 to join in the community.  It also opens a space for aspec people, like myself, that may or may not want erp...aspec being asexual, demisexual etc.  It's not to say it's a hard fast you must do this.  It's just nice to let people that are commonly overlooked, know that you understand their situations.  Hope that helped!

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22 hours ago, Enebish said:


Thanks for answering Enebish!


I actually did think of this but asked about gating because, maybe in my optimism, don't see how you get the different results of having a separate community and gating the adult content. That is to say, hosting the adult content on the same discord, but keeping it locked to certain channels that people will have to opt-in to feels like it achieves the same thing. If minors wanted to get into adult spaces, it being a separate discord wouldn't stop them.


And as an asexual person myself, I understand that many people, ace and allo alike, might not have any desire to see erp content. But that sounds like it still can be easily managed by gating the content. Having to opt-in to adult content is easy enough to manage on discord and allows for an even more clear delineation of spaces. In my opinion.

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Def, it's more so because when you have groups... especially for legal reasons, that can get an entire server flagged should they sneak into adult content... it's just best to keep it to two seperate servers.  That way, should anyone in the erp server be found underage, it means they had to actively lie to get entry.  where as, if it's just a nsfw spoiler warning/opt in channel, it can be seen as much more a problem of the server than the individual lying to get it.  Consider it a hard stop to prevent problems.

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So first off, apologies that this isn't something I'm saying from personal experience as I'm not necessarily LGBT+ myself but more what I've heard friends say. To expand on the topic of separating general RP and ERP and how it might alienate certain groups of people, I've been lead to believe a fair number of ERP circles are not all that friendly to trans folks. The one or two times I've glanced into ERP-centric channels out of my own curiosity the prevalence of terms like "futa" and "cunt boy" is staggeringly high. Even just going around the Balmung Quicksand you see a lot of "F/F+" in search info. Whether this actively turns away the trans part of the community I can't say but I can say I've known a few people who would rather avoid those terms and connotations.

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I imagine it's never too early to start! I'm not an Oceania player myself, but I'm sure there are some folks who would be glad to start making some connections OOC and IC with others in their timezone :)

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Hi, I'm a user on Elemental. Just letting you know that to my knowledge the Elemental RP discord server is going to be branching out to the new OCE data center as well.

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Lol I need to find out if there's an email notification option for me to find out if this gets replies xD


@Enebish I can see your point. I have personal reservations of how that ties in to what I feel is this weird snobbery and condescension people have against erp, but the more I thought about the other aspect you've brought up, the more I can agree that it would be safer for minors, and for moderation.


@Mermaid Thanks for this. As a trans person myself,  I also have a complicated relationships with those terms as well, and would not use them for myself, or my characters, one of whom also is trans. But, at the same time, I understand their usage and a huge percentage of people who use them ARE trans, that when it comes to ERP, it's plenty convenient to use to denote a specific 'physical configuration', for lack of better word. But I can understand how it would make others uncomfortable.


I feel I'm of the opinion that it's more nuanced than just 'these terms are transphobic or not', but I don't have the answer to what to practically do about that yet.


@Faye Thank you! I just never know how it gets decided who makes the discord, when one should be made, and the like. Which is why I'm trying to find people now lol


@Butter Oh! I didn't know that. That seems... a little odd to me ngl. Maybe because it seemed fairly dead when I joined it some time ago, but maybe it's gotten more active again.


I should check it out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention too. :)

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Also all good points.  There are, of course, positive people in the erp community that know or actively learn the terminology to support lgbtq people.  You're also right in saying that fetish terms were prevalent.  Though, for what it's worth, people that use those terms seem to be getting pushed further and further to the outside and are less prevalent now. Only the future will see if problematic wording is removed entirely from the community.

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As soon as we get the server names, I'll be adding support to the FFXIV RP Event calendar and Discord bot.  

One thing on the NSFW / ERP side.  That creates a hard pass on partnered services with Discord OR anything official on FFXIV.    There is also  general difference in tone for the NSFW vs the SFW specific servers, so it may also just be a personal preference thing.   That tone tends to extend beyond the NSFW channels a lot of time as you have a number of people who are only in the scene for one side or the other.   

It also seems that a lot of the ERP centric roleplay groups have transitioned to a RP as a service model, where everyone else tends to be 'free to play as you want.'   The business aspects of RP as a profit system really strikes a lot of people as 'bad form', which is another dividing line.

I don't know, sometimes it's just safer to keep the communities for both the NSFW and the SFW focused groups separate.   Let both focus on what they do best and you don't have to worry about the culture clashes.

Nothing wrong with either, in my opinion, but blending the two just seems to never end well.  

There's also grey legality issues on advertising 'adult content' to areas to known minors, as I've run up against in the past with the event calendar.

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