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Looking for ikemen male elezen for modelling duet for Gposing or BL

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Hello! Long time Elezen player here! 


Looking for Male elezen to gpose together in game like cool anime bros. 😬 Or if you're into Boys love (BL)! 


I'm Interested in recreating cool male elezen duet shots particularly boyband duet or BL (boys love) type. 

Preferably mature face type (type 1) with no facial hair. Wildwood or Duskwight is fine. 

Eg. aymeric/ haurchefant/ estinien/ Foulques / Artoirel. 


I'm playing a brown tanned Duskwight elezen who tend to go for the bad boy seme-ish look. ( can fanta fair-skinned if preferred ).  Picture attached~ 

He is more of a playful kind of elezen with a happy-go-lucky disposition. A little bit of a klutz trying to exude a mysterious cool appearance. Happy to receive food, dog type. 


Shots can be like tanks being cool in instances dungeon or sleek host club butler/bartender shots. Or even sweet / romantic dates, frolicking at Ill mheg . Or if something more spicy BL-ish would be bar hopping as gay elezens. Whatever seems interesting, we can discuss more! 


Will not be doing RP or ERP convos as I'm not that proficient in it. I'm already EB-ed and not looking for real romance/ long-term romance RP, but am happy to be friends! 

At the same time just get to know fellow elezen, and elezen ikemen appreciation! (Or a fellow fujoshi/ fudanshi :DDD ) 


I main Tonberry GMT +8. If you like to get in touch, do drop me a dm or discord #8517 






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Alas, my Elezen is female, but I approve of this post!


Have to say though. Facial hair is growing on me (no pun) with regards to Urianger.

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