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Clueless ERP newbie, LF help.

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Hey everyone.


I'm kinda new to the game, but I have really been enjoying the world and the stories. I've done some light RP with my FC, and have had a great time. I have heard that FF14 has an ERP scene, and I am curious. I was hoping that i could get some help with a few questions.


Am I even in the right place? I've been trying to search for Subreddits and Discords where I could ask some questions, but so far haven't found anything. Is there anywhere that would be more appropriate for what I am asking? And if so, where?


Is it something people do on their main characters or is it better to have an alt for that?


Hope I am not offending anyone, by posting here.


Best regards




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Hey there, Bredtoft, welcome! This forum is for general FFXIV RP, not necessarily ERP. You can discuss ERP, but it can't get into anything explicit, and you may not get much feedback here. As for whether you choose to ERP on your main or an alt, that's totally up to you and your comfort.

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