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LF RP for my Ishgardian Noble

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Coming back to the game after a long break, I’d like to get back into roleplay a bit more and would love to make some new acquaintances for my Ishgardian Elezen, Lothaire. I play in the EST timezone, mostly in the evenings, though I would be happy to do Discord RP if matching time zones with people is an issue (Discord is probably preferable over in-game generally tbh).


I have a character sheet for Lothaire here with a bit more information for anyone who would like to know more. In short, he’s a nobleman hailing from a relatively minor house in Ishgard, who operates a trading company on behalf of his family. He is a talented goldsmith himself, and will occasionally take on private commissions. While he is generally a competent businessman, he does have a weakness for drink and gambling. As a result, he can often be found in taverns, bars and gambling dens—basically anywhere he has a chance to find a decent game.  


If anyone happens to be interested in interacting with him, I’d love to RP with you. In particular, I would love to find a few people to set up an informal, private gambling circle with, but I’m also open to a wide variety of RP scenarios and encounters. I can be found in-game on Lothaire Valenfort (Zalera), via Discord (Valtiere #9845) or here on the forums.


What I’m looking for: 


  • Both short and long term RP opportunities (though long term is preferable)
  • Discord RP (available anytime)
  • In-game RP (available anytime on Saturdays or Sunday’s, and 10pm to 1/2am EST through the week)
  • Plot heavy RP
  • Casual/slice-of-life RP
  • Past acquaintances and/or family connections
  • Rivals/enemies/antagonistic RP


Potential connections I would love to find:


  • Other Ishgardians

  • Drinking partners and gambling buddies (would love to get a little private gambling circle going)

  • Chocobo breeders and/or racers (Lothaire is very interested in investing in his own racing birds)

  • Clients seeking private crafting commissions

  • Fellow crafter, gatherer and merchant contacts

  • Any retainer or servant characters looking for employment

  • A red mage and/or fencing instructor


A little about me:


  • I tend to write single (in-game) or multiple (Discord) paragraphs in RP but I will usually try to match whoever I’m rping with in terms of post length. I don’t enjoy /say only or single line style RPs.
  • I play on Zalera but am happy to visit other servers to join people.
  • I love dark/mature RP, but almost exclusively fade-to-black when it comes to smutty stuff.
  • I like to be able to talk to people oocly about RP. We don’t need to be best buddies, but I appreciate being able to actually communicate plans with people I RP with. 
  • If you’re going to ghost me after a single post, please don’t bother to contact me. If there’s a problem, I’ll happily talk it out and try to fix it, but if you don’t communicate anything and just bail without warning I’m not going to repeatedly poke you for a post, I’m just going to assume the RP is done. 
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Hi there! 


I appreciate your thinking on keeping in touch via OOC. It's something that's very important to me. We also both prefer Google Docs and Discord over in-game RP. 


My Lalafell Tafu is looking for work as a retainer or other odd jobs! ( her ad here ) Her specialty is Botany, though she has skills in Weaving as well. She's a bit of a country bumpkin compared to him. I think they could get into some trouble together! 


If you're interested, drop me a PM or a line on Discord Were-Ah#3299

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Hey! This is a little late on, so I hope you're still looking. 


I have a Duskwight bard that's more than down to enjoy some drink / gambling with Lothaire- providing you're interested. His details are here, and I hope to hear from you! 

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As the person before already said, this is indeed rather late, but I hope you're still looking, too!


I have a female Xaela who is currently looking for acquaintances of any sort, be it personal commissions for a gold smith, or actual gambling (she hasn't tried gambling yet, but I can see her slipping into it easily, and drinking honestly isn't a problem, either!)

Since I don't have a carrd (yet), my personal lookout-thread for Saghani will need to suffice for now. I can provide more info, pictures, etc., though, if you want!


Considering the data centre issues, however, Discord is probably our only possible connection right now, so I'm definitely more than thrilled to hear from you!

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I don’t know how I missed the replies here, but apparently I haven’t been paying enough attention. Sorry! I will message the both of you if you’re still around/interested (its been a while).


Otherwise, bumpity bump. I am still looking for contacts, but uh, given my apparent inability to notice replies here, it might be best to send me a pm or a discord poke if you can. 

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